International commitment
to the Hemalata orphanages in India

Aid that actually reaches the children

Since 2007, Brodos AG has been supporting the Hemalata orphans who are living in India near the city of Chennai. The goal is to improve the living circumstances and future possibilities of around 350 Indian orphans as well as to offer vocational training to these children and adolescents.

A home for children

The age of these children, who also follow different religions, ranges between one and sixteen years. They are being looked after the whole day, attend kindergartens, schools, vocational training workshops, and are offered to stay in the orphanage until they have finished their vocational training.

“Proper vocational training is the most important factor for the orphans’ quality of life later on. Being a company that is keen on vocational training, it is of special concern to us to provide some of the desperately needed money to finance the education of the orphans and by doing so, giving them a perspective for a better life in the future,” says Dominik Brokelmann.

„When children are small, give them roots,
when they are bigger, give them wings.”

- orphanage slogan

The stories of Shiba and Iredairajan
- children that made it into work life

Since her birth in 1997, Shiba has been growing up in the Hemalata orphanage. Shiba grew up in the orphanage as an institutionalised child instead of being an orphan because her parents themselves had grown up there. She started attending school at six years of age and passed all twelve school years thanks to the help of the orphanage.

As of today, Shiba is 25 years old. After her graduation she started a two-year vocational training, which she successfully completed. She has been working as a nurse in Dubai since 2021.

Iredairajan was born in 1992 and has been growing up at home first until he turned 10 years old. Bis er schließlich 10 Jahre alt war. Since his parents were not able to feed him any longer, he was brought to the Hemalata orphanage. He spent all his school years living there. 

Thanks to the orphanage, Iredairajan was able to attend school as well as to graduate as a “fitter” in metal processing from Zion Technical Institute where he received vocational training. He moved to Malaysia when he was 18 years of age and continued working there for nine years. Iredairajan moved back to Chennai in 2019 and has been supporting the ZTI workshop ever since. 

Thanks to his own experience, he accompanies the adolescents as a fitting-teacher during their vocational training and plays an important part as a trustworthy role model to them.

Children in need are taken care of and supported on their way to a better life thanks to the orphanage. It is important to help children and provide them with a proper education, as this will be essential for their career later in life. The Hemalata home, despite the hardships surrounding the children, has helped to educate these two children and to prepare them for their future career.


Since 1989, Dieter and Irmgard Castelhun have organised aid for the Indian orphanage all the way from Franconia. Irmgard Castelhun goes into detail: “Thanks to the generous donations from Brodos, we were able to provide a new training workshop with all the necessary equipment, tools and machinery for 25 apprentices in electrician training.”

In 2016, Brodos supported the Hemalata orphanage once again with a donation, as the heaviest rainfall in decades at the beginning of December 2015 also affected the orphanage severely. Water was leaking through the roofs of the housing and the kitchen, children were suffering because of the wet housing, the schools were closed and electricity, internet as well as the telephone were interrupted.

We have been able to improve the situation in recent years:

Thanks to generous donations from Germany, many improvements have been made in recent years. Following projects have been realised already:

  • Improving hygiene with toilet facilities
  • Building a fountain and the acquisition of a delivery van to transport groceries
  • Providing the school with benches and a new training workshop
  • Acquisition of generators and building two huts at the plantation
More infos on the Hemalata orphanages:

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