Kiosk supporting sales in the run up to Christmas Kiosk supporting sales in the run up to Christmas Kiosk supporting sales in the run up to Christmas Kiosk supporting sales in the run up to Christmas

Christmas business in the months of November and December is the most important time of the year for the retail sector. Over all, the Association of German Retail (Handelsverband Deutschland, HDE) expects turnover of 91.1 billion euros in 2016, an increase of 3.9 percent over the previous year. This is the perfect time for our retailers to benefit from our Kiosk, which brings a huge product selection into their stores.

Brick and mortar retail scores

The pre-Christmas season is the time with the greatest turnover for brick and mortar retail. The stores in the city centres are full of people Christmas shopping, using their free time to browse through the shops. This year, in particular, retail is benefitting from the long Advent season as well as the public holidays which fall on the weekend, tempting customers with attractive offers and a lot of promotions.

Caption: Christmas shopping is in fashion again this year. Kiosk as support at the PoS

Especially popular again this year are electronic goods, in particular smartphones, tablets and fashion accessories. The Kiosk really comes into its own when supporting sales at the PoS with its huge selection of 250,000 products. We have noticed that our retailers are using the Marketplace more than ever. Many have realised how relevant it is and are happy to be able to refer to the Kiosk in store.


“We have been working with the Kiosk for just over a year now, and we’re really enthusiastic about it. Thanks to the Kiosk we can offer a much wider product range, meaning that we can now order virtually anything for our customers instead of having to turn them away empty handed. In addition, we can adjust our warehouse costs and order quantities perfectly to suit our business. We really liked the latest update, as we can now opt to have the goods delivered directly to the customer’s home. A lot of our customers live out in the countryside, now we can save them a trip. We just cannot imagine our daily business without the Kiosk anymore, the mixture of personal advice at the PoS and the convenience of ordering something and having it delivered directly to your home is the future of modern brick and mortar retail. Especially in the run up to Christmas, the Kiosk is a huge help to us and the huge range it offers makes it a great tool when people come with questions about the product range.

Carlos Alves da Costa, Phone King Euskirchen

Caption: The Kiosk is proving very popular in Carlos’ store.

Alexander Getze from my-eXtra Bornheim is also enthusiastic about the Kiosk. He actively uses the Kiosk at the PoS and has noticed that customers are using it more and more as well, appreciating the huge choice it offers.


“The multichannel solution with our online shop and the Kiosk in store has now been understood and very well accepted by our customers, it has made our work a lot easier, particularly in the run up to Christmas and we can cater even better to our customers’ needs.”

Alexander Getze, my-eXtra Bornheim

Caption: The Kiosk has gone down very well with Alexander’s customers.