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We combine smartphones, tablets and accessories with our services.

All devices, all networks, all applications

We collaborate with the world’s leading manufacturers in the mobile telecommunications industry.

Adjusted to your individual needs - ranging from purchase to rent.

Device as s Service Kreislauf - Brodos Mobilfunk Dienstleister

More than 11,000 satisfied customers

We are aware of your requirements and provide the required products and services as your mobile communications service provider.


Brodos helps you to succeed with your business!

Mobilfunk Dienstleister für Systemhäuser

System houses

Integrating mobile communications into system landscapes

Mobilfunk Dienstleister für Großvermarkter Netze

Wholesale marketer networks

We know what business clients need.

Mobilfunk Dienstleister für Firmen-und Konzernkunden

Business clients

Your all-in-one business solution

Wholesale marketer networks

Brodos helps you succeed with your business!

Business clients

Your all-in-one business solution

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Full-service mobile communications for everyone

Brodos Business Class

Mobile communications solutions for corporations and SMEs

Smartphone set-up

Smartphone set-up Ready-to-use work phones for your employees Our application...

Software update

The latest software update for your employees’ smartphones The software...

Customising phone cases

Customised phones cases with your design printed on As an...

Screen protector installation

Installing screen protectors on your employees’ smartphones In order to...

Phone case installation

Phone case installation to protect your smartphones Phone cases offer...

Antivirus installation

Installing antivirus software to protect your new work phones Smartphones...

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