360 degree campaign in the connected store using the example of Samsung S7

360 degree campaign in the connected store using the example of Samsung S7

360 degree campaign in the connected store using the example of Samsung S7

360 degree campaign in the connected store using the example of Samsung S7

Good news for manufacturers! In the connected store, we run the same advertising message over all available advertising media, offering manufacturers the unique opportunity of reaching end customers with their promotions directly at the PoS. An important and positive aspect of this is in particular that the same advertising message is controlled centrally. A genuine 360 degree campaign.

Advertising from all directions

Since autumn 2016 we have been offering manufacturers the unique opportunity of reaching end customers directly at the PoS thanks to our 360 degree campaign. This means via our brodos.net Kiosk (1), our brodos.net onlineshop (2), the end customer newsletter (3) and my-store.TV (4).

Image: The current national Samsung campaign is advertised via the online shop, the Kiosk, my-store.Mail and my-store.TV.

1. The brodos.net Kiosk – making products available at the PoS

The brodos.net Kiosk is the digital extension to the shelf in store and the retailer’s universal tool available in store for selling products. In order to avoid diluting contents, only a restricted number of advertising spaces can be booked. With calls to action, customers are encouraged to click directly on the advertised product and buy it via the Kiosk. Its prominent position in the connected store ensures that it remains in the customer’s focus at all times. It offers access to the long tail product range from the retailer’s store, the end customer can choose from more than 250,000 products, order directly and arrange for the chosen product to be sent either to their home or to the store.

2. Product placement in brodos.net online shop

With the brodos.net online shop the large product range in brodos.net is also available online. It can be used by manufacturers to place their products and offers online, for example in the form of advertisements, reaching end customers at home on the couch. Another large advantage for manufacturers is that the advertising banner is displayed in more than 320 online shops, with duplication creating a high recognition value. In this form this is quite simply unique.

3. my-store.Mail – targetted end customer marketing with newsletter

The advertising platform my-store.MAIL is the direct marketing tool in our marketing mix. With my-store.MAIL the regional brick and mortar customer base can also be reached and manufacturers can advertise their national campaigns here. Individual selection criteria make it possible for end customers to be addressed in a targetted and individual manner. With the help of my-store.MAIL it is not only possible to extend the reach of advertising campaigns, it also offers a unique inter-linking of all advertising measures. By being directly linked to the online shop there is also an additional response tool which delivers further information on the product and, what is even more important, allows a purchase to be made directly.

4. my-store.TV – the digital billboard in the connected store

70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the PoS. With the my-store.TV digital signage solution manufacturers can advertise on several monitors directly in the retailer’s shop. Catchy, targetted advertising draws the attention of customers in store to the latest products and promotions. National campaigns and TV spots are adapted for the PoS, and are all the more effective as customers recognize them from other channels. Manufacturers can run their campaigns at the very place purchasing decisions are made. In addition, as the only digital signage solution available on the mobile communications market, my-store.TV offers the possibility of advertising directly at the point of sale in the competitive environment.

Advertising space for national campaigns

It is particularly exciting for manufacturers that all media go hand in hand with each other, allowing the promotion to be brought directly to the customers’ attention in store or online, where a purchase can then be made directly. The ability to exploit all channels was the reason why Samsung specifically chose us and has decided to run their nationwide campaigns with us. At present, Samsung is advertising its S7 and S7 Edge throughout Germany with a 360 degree all in one package promotion.

Advantages for manufacturers

For manufacturers, the advertising possibilities have the great advantage that the campaigns can be run over all channels. It is brought to the end customer’s attention either in store or at home, where they have the option of making a purchase directly. This naturally also means that the customer comes into contact with the manufacturer’s product at the place where the purchase decision is made, i.e. directly in store.
Manufacturers who are interested in our advertising possibilities and would like to find out more can find detailed information on our my-store.TV website. Or just give me a call on 00 49 9133 7770-4126.