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About Brodos

Based in Baiersdorf, Middle Franconia, with around 450 employees and a turnover of more than 700 million euros in the financial year 2021/2022, Brodos AG (founded in 1991) is one of the biggest service providers of all things smartphones and tablets in the mobile communications sector in Germany. One could say that mobile communications have always been in our blood – right from the beginning.

Über Brodos

Mobile communications are complex when it comes to products. Those are a combination of devices from the manufacturers, and tariffs of the network providers.

Brodos is a supplier and business-process operator for both customers and providers. We fulfill each requirement on the mobile communications market with a plethora of services and software revolving around provision, availability, and security of mobile devices and software.

For more than 30 years now, Brodos has held an excellent central position as a service provider and has been the strategic partner of all leading manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi etc.) and, at the same time, of all German network providers (Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica, 1&1).

Mobile communications are equally sought after by consumers and, especially in the last 5 years, extremely by companies for their employees.

Because of this, Brodos has a variety of different clients ranging from regional mobile communications specialists, system houses, large marketers of electronics, and especially business clients from SMEs and corporations listed in the German share index DAX.

Overall, Brodos is working together with more than 11,000 customers on a regular basis.

Turnover development

Business sites

Business sites are spread all over Germany and work together from everywhere and internationally. Our headquarter is located in Middle Franconian Baiersdorf. Berlin, the capital of Germany, as well as Fulda, Hof, and Lotte are the cities in which our distribution sites are located in.

We have a high-performing Help- and IT-centre in Ahmedabad (India) not only focussing on software development and IT services but also on back-office activities.

Über Brodos | Standorte

Brodos Retail

Über Brodos | Mobilfunk Retail Smartphones

Retailers and system integrators specialised in mobile communications form the backbone of the marketing done on service-intensive mobile communications products. Pretty much everyone who markets mobile communications in Germany and implements mobile communications solutions for customers as a reseller is a client of Brodos. Brodos supports retailers and network providers with a plethora of systems and omnichannel functions, gaining also a leading position in the mobile communications sector by doing this.

Seit 2015 ist die Lösung in der Form des „vernetzten Ladens“ bei mehr als 800 Fachhändlern erfolgreich im Einsatz. Über alle Kanäle hinweg bewirkt unser brodos.net System als Branchenlösung, dem Retail die Vorteile aus Online und Offline zu kombinieren. Personal service and professional consulting by the retailer on-site form the basis at all times.

Brodos Business Class - for corporate & business clients

Über Brodos | Brodos Business Class

We provide all-in-one mobility solutions for business clients ranging from SMEs to corporations listed in the German share index DAX. Because of this, we are the contact on all questions regarding company-owned mobile devices, ranging from demand analysis, customisation, provision, various utilisation concepts such as DaaS, to deleting data when devices are being returned. By trading-in, refurbishing, and reselling devices, we can improve the sustainability performance of our clients.

Easy, flexible, cost-effective: Brodos Business Class clients profit from well-tested one-step connectivity solutions.
DaaS – the Brodos mobile phone flatrate – Brodos takes another step into the future with its customisable Device-as-a-Service-models, turning complex customer requests into simplified, easily calculable all-in-one mobility solutions for business clients and its employees.

Outstanding quality & service

Brodos AG is winning awards for market-leading quality and customer satisfaction regurlarly. The perfect example is us being awarded in recent years the title “premium distributor” at Telecom Handel Leserwahl, a readers’ choice. We are especially proud of our award “BAYERNS BEST 50”, which we had been awarded in 2015 by the federal state of Bavaria as one of the best fast-growing companies in Bavaria.

Über Brodos |

The online plattform brodos.net developed by us had been continuously optimised throughout the years until it reached its current form as an omnichannel solution for mobile communications retail. Since 2015, this solution has been successfully implemented in the form of the “Connected Store” in already more than 800 specialist shops now. The brodos.net-system gives retailers the possibility to combine the benefits from both online and offline retail across all channels. Personal service and professional consulting by the retailer on-site form the basis at all times.

The Connected Store is created in joint work based on the existing infrastructure.

The main goal: Turning online-shopping into a regional experience with the use of the “extended shop shelf” as well as making the retailer a local hero thanks to mobile shopping-solutions and digital final-customer marketing.

Processing and the processes in itself, realtime online pricing, and home or shop delivery are all a part of the provided brodos.net services and complete the omnichannel package – making it simple and easy to tailor it according to the needs of the retailer.

Our corporate values