How it all started
How it all started


The history of Brodos AG

It all started with the dream of having cordless telephones.

In 1991, when founder Dominik Brokelmann fulfilled his wish and bought himself a cordless telephone, most people in Germany only knew these predecessors of mobile phones from Hollywood films and series such as Dallas and Miami Vice.
Already back then Dominik had recognised the market potential and started, still as a student, a retail shop selling the predecessor models of today’s smartphones.

As these products were hard to get back then, Dominik had them imported from the US and China and opened his first shop „Telekomunikations Einzelhandel Brokelmann” in the garage of a friend’s grandmother. Due to his full-time studies, the improvised shop was only open on Friday afternoon and Saturday, however, quickly became an insider tip.

After graduating in mechanical engineering in 1994, Dominik took the chance which resulted from a liberalisation in the telecommunications market in Germany to position his company Brodos in the dynamically growing mobile communications market as a supraregionally operating provider of mobile communications solutions right away.

In order to have Brodos stand out from other typical suppliers of mobile phones, he focused on providing self-made software solutions and innovative services right from the beginning. The fast-growing services brodos-SMS and brodos Cash-Up evolved into a comprehensive portfolio of services for business clients and specialised retailers, which later on evolved into the concept of the “Connected Store” in 2015.

The widespread acceptance and the rapid spread of mobile phones resulted in constant and dynamic growth of Brodos. Nevertheless, our company always remained focussed on its main business on mobile phones as well as on us being a mobile specialist. Due to the increasing requirements of business clients and specialised retailers for services, Brodos has evolved from a distributor to a leading full-service service provider in the German mobile communications market.
As of today, Brodos (based in Baiersdorf, Middle Franconia) with around 450 employees, a turnover of around 710 million euros as well as around two million sold mobile phones – all in the financial year 2021/2022 – is one of the biggest players in the mobile communications market in Germany.