Management Brodos

graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) Dominik Brokelmann

CEO  | Chief Executive Officer

Dominik Brokelmann (*1967) graduated in mechanical engineering.

Already three years prior to his graduation, Dominik had founded the telecommunications retail shop Brokelmann and two years later Brokelmann & Co. GmbH Mobilfunk Distribution. In the telecommunications retail sector, the broad acceptance of the software developed at Brokelmann & Co. GmbH Mobilfunk Distribution resulted in the development of Brodos GmbH, which later on turned into Brodos AG. Since 1999, Dominik Brokelmann has been the CEO of Brodos AG and has been in charge of strategy and corporate development.

business economist (Betriebswirt) Stefan Vitzithum

COO | Chief Operating Officer

After successfully passing his A-levels, Stefan Vitzithum (*1977) started his career in the mobile communications sector at Nokia System. There he quickly became the sales manager responsible for setting up and supporting a network of Nokia shops in Northern Bavaria. He developed, in cooperation with network operators and providers, strategies on marketing telecommunications solutions within the newly created trade structures. Stefan’s career at Brodos started in July 2000 as the product manager in charge of the Nokia business. In January 2002, he took over the management of the division purchasing and products. With effect from 01.12.2005, Stefan Vitzithum has been appointed COO and has been, as a member of the board of Brodos AG, ever since in charge of the entire operative business on trade and service.

Frank Lüttjohann

CSO | Chief Sales Officer specialist shops

Frank Lüttjohann (*1966) has started his career in the mobile communications sector as long ago as 1989. At first he worked as one of the first salesmen, later on as the sales manager for business clients, and afterwards in the overall management of the sales department, which also included the retail distribution of the North German system centre of the former leading manufacturer Nokia.

After the merger of the system centre with a competitor of Nokia in the year 2000, Frank, as a member of the board, was in charge of all Nokia shops throughout Europe until he then himself, together with a partner, acquired the system centre, which in 2013 was fully incorporated into the organisation of Brodos AG. Frank played an essential role in the development and expansion of a network of mobile communications retail partners at Brodos. With effect from 01.07.2008, Frank Lüttjohann has been appointed Chief Sales Officer specialist shops of Brodos AG and has been ever since responsible for development regarding mobile telecommunications specialist shops.

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Alexander Goltz

CFO | Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Goltz (*1978) started his career in the year 2001 in tax consultancy and auditing. He worked in various commercial positions after finishing his studies in economics at the Berlin School of Economics alongside work. From 2008 to 2010, Alexander was in charge of international projects at the Daimler Benz concern in Italy, the UK, North America and lastly also of the financial reporting of the NAFTA region at Daimler Financial Services. Following this, Alexander had worked as commercial manager of a division in one of the biggest in companies in the service sector in Germany until he has been appointed as a member of the executive board at Brodos AG in 2018 and has been responsible for finance, controlling, and law since then.

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Felix Dingermann

CDO  | Chief Digital Officer

Felix Dingermann (born 1982 in New Haven, Connecticut) studied International Management alongside work. He started his vocational training at Brodos AG in 2003, successfully worked in Product Management, in International Business Management at ContentCard AG, and also worked as the director in Application Management at Brodos AG, where he successfully pushed ahead the technical development of the interconnected shop. Since 2013, Felix has been Managing Director Business Development of GmbH as well as Managing Director of Brodos India Pvt. Ltd.. As the Managing Director of the Indian branch, he oftentimes travels to Asia and North America and regularly comes into close contact with the most recent technological innovations. With effect from 01.01.2022, Felix Dingermann has been appointed as the Chief Digital Officer of Brodos AG and continues advancing the digital transformation in all areas at Brodos.

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