Brodos furniture concept given a clever update

Brodos furniture concept given a clever update

Brodos furniture concept given a clever update

Brodos furniture concept given a clever update

We have given our shop concept for the connected store a clever update, both integrating new pieces of furniture and improving existing furniture. Our retailers will be able to view the complete shop concept exclusively at the next roadshows.

Clever update for our furniture

Absolutely new are the office shelf which offers a lot of storage space, vastly lightening the load for retailers in their daily work with its practical and innovative design. It makes sure that files containing contracts are always on hand whilst being kept perfectly in order, and thanks to the adjustable height of the shelves there is even room to store a small coffee machine.


Picture: The office shelf offers a lot of space for folders and documents.

The small highlight display offers space for up to 4 mobile phones, we have also integrated a flyer holder, lockable storage space and controllable LED’s. With our special adhesive film the highlight display can quickly and easily be converted into a genuine eyecatcher in store, showcasing products skilfully in just a small space.


Picture: The highlight display with its innovative special adhesive film…

… which can be stuck to the furniture display and removed at any time without leaving any residue.

We have improved the rear panel behind the counter by integrating a power supply above the floor unit. This gives retailers the added convenience of being able to connect printers and fax machines, as well as making it easy for devices to be safely charged and / or tested behind the counter.

Bild: Our shop concept.
Picture: The shop fittings concept is not only extremely practical, it also boasts a convincing modern design

Functional, modular and flexible

We have continued to fine tune the concept ever since, including the furniture. We are constantly in close contact with our retailers to ensure that the furniture concept is tailored to suit retailers’ needs. This allows us to filter out where there is still room for improvement. We also analyze the market very closely at regular intervals to keep an eye on how the sector is developing. Our focus is predominantly on energy efficiency, becoming connected and design.

The shop fitting concept of the connected store stands out not only thanks to its minimalist design, but in particular thanks to its functionality, modularity and great flexibility. The connected store has developed in leaps and bounds particularly as far as practicability is concerned. All furniture is built on a modular system, making it easy to add to the shop fittings at any time. There is no longer any need for construction work or large investments.

The furniture programme is also fitted out with the latest LED and sales technology, offering various combination options. This allows us to take the requirements of each individual retailer into account, fitting and designing the store perfectly just the way they want it.

Positive feedback at roadshow

Retailers were really enthusiastic about our furniture concept at the roadshow. Lots of them were pleased with the practicality of it, as well as its attractive design. The retailers were especially attracted to both our office shelf and our special adhesive film which can be attached to the highlight display as well as on the furniture itself.

Sven_Loetzsch2.jpg - Fotos“If space in store is limited then the office shelf is the perfect solution! A very economical and clever solution – especially for smaller stores!”

Sven Lötsch, Die Telefonmänner Plauen.

Johann_Saibel“A successful sales area has to be neat and tidy! With the new office shelf Brodos has succeeded in creating a lot of storage space without taking up a lot of room. It’s just the right thing for small shops such as mine and it looks great too!”

Johann Saibel, my-eXtra Rothenburg.

All retailers who would like to find out more can register for appointments at the roadshows from 3pm onwards. Information on registering as well as on upcoming roadshows can be found on our events page.

Anyone who would like to fit out more about our shop fitting concept without having to attend a roadshow can of course do so on our website. The brochure about the connected store will be available at the roadshows. Please feel free to take a copy and read through it at your leisure.