Another five connected stores in October alone

Another five connected stores in October alone

Another five connected stores in October alone

Another five connected stores in October alone

Five new connected stores in October alone This shows that our Connected Stores are continuing on their road to success and that the potential they offer is recognized by retailers. One of the connected stores which has had satisfied customers ever since it was opened is the my-eXtra store in Forchheim.

Connected Stores booming

Klaus Meisner from my-eXtra in Forchheim opened his connected store at the beginning of October. After just over four weeks he has already enjoyed a lot of positive feedback.

klaus““I decided on the connected store as a way of offering our customers a modern advice and sales setting. Customers are not restricted to coming to the store, they can decide what to buy and when around the clock, but they don’t need to do without the service they are used to from us. Our customers appreciate both the store design and the kiosk. Customers often come to us and mention things which are currently running on my-store.TV and which the customer has seen whilst waiting – that definitely works better than static advertising and is always completely up to date!”
Klaus Meisner from my-eXtra Forchheim.

Successful Connections

More and more retailers are realising that the connected store offers a lot of advantages over traditional stores. There are more and more stores throughout Germany which we have fitted out as completely or partially connected stores, providing them with furniture, kiosk systems and digital signage.

Demand is high, as many retailers see that our concept works in practice and goes down very well with customers. For this reason, more and more store owners are deciding to get their store connected. The overall concept of the connected store with furniture, kiosk and digital signage is particularly well received by retailers.

Vernetzter Laden Forchheim

Caption: my-eXtra Forchheim has a convincing new connected store concept.

Solution in the Battle of the Channels

The Connected Store offers the ideal solution, particularly in today’s world when brick and mortar retail has to stand up for itself against the competition from the internet. The kiosk system multiplies the length of shelving available in store. Retailers can access a huge product range of over 250,000 products, offering customers also unusual product variations which are usually only available online. The online shop which is included in the concept makes it possible for retailers to be there for their customers at the weekend or on public holidays as well, and with the StoreShip price, retailers can offer very reasonable prices, comparable with those of e-tailers.

The Connected Store allows retailers to compensate for the advantages of the internet without entailing any great effort or expense. In conjunction with good service and competent advice, the retailer becomes a local hero in the region and can stand up to online trade, possibly even emerging as the winner in the battle of the channels.