Brodos Best Distributor 2017

Brodos Best Distributor 2017

Brodos Best Distributor 2017

Brodos Best Distributor 2017

Last Thursday, the German trade magazine Telecom Handel held its traditional gala in the GOP variety theatre in Munich to celebrate the best wireless distributors, the best mobile phone maufacturers and the best distributor of the year together with the industry. We were there, and were thrilled to win the overall title of “Best Distributor 2017”. An award which we are particularly pleased to receive as it reflects the opinion of our retailers and recognizes what we as a team have been able to achieve.

Successful evening

Once again this year more than 2,500 retailers cast their votes and submitted their rating. Now the winners have been chosen and we are very happy to announce that we were able to take home the most important award of all “Best Distributor 2017”. We particularly appreciate the fact that we scored so well with our retailers this year, in spite of this having been a more difficult year.

Caption: On behalf of all employees, the award was accepted by the members of the board Dominik Brokelmann,
CEO Brodos, Stefan Vitzithum, COO Brodos and Frank Lüttjohann, CSO Specialist Retail Brodos.

We were able to convince Telecom Handel readers in six categories: We came out top in the areas of end customer marketing (mark 2.30), shop / PoS fittings (2.35), marketing of services (2.29), corporate management (2.76), multichannel/web-shop/e-commerce (2.27) and partner programme (2.36). We are particularly pleased to have won the new category multichannel/web-shop/e-commerce, and this makes it clear that the industry has recognized the importance of our cross-channel concept.

We were also able to score in the areas of complaints procedure (2.19), web/social media presence (2.44), repair service and processing (2.22), bonus programme / campaigns (2.36), demo/sample devices (3.55) and ERP / PoS system (2.33), where we came in second.

We gained third place for personal customer care (1.98), support from field staff (2.67) and technical hotline (2.21).

Caption: The proud winners. Together with editor in chief Roland Bernhard and trophy.

Recognition for the Connected Store

It is great to see that both Telecom Handel and our retailers appreciate and recognize our vision. It is not only the success which proves we are on the right track with the Connected Store, but also the retailers’ decision.

We are thrilled to receive the award of the Best Distributor in Germany. This is at the same time a great stamp of approval for our strategy and work for the retail industry. We accept the retailers’ vote as an active call to continue our work and continue improving the conditions for all of us in this market. Over the last 15 years we have become one of the major players in the industry. Our “a better package” services have formed a foundation for thousands of market participants. We will continue to be the reference model for digitalisation in brick and mortar retail in the future with the leading cross-channel technology of our “Connected Store”.

Caption: Success! We won the overall competition in the readers’ poll to be awarded the title Best Distributor of the Year.

A warm thanks to our partners and employees

A very heartfelt thanks goes out in the first instance to our partners, who so eagerly voted for us and of course to all our employees who have worked so well all year and made their contribution towards us being able to win. We look forward to continuing our success story.

Detailed information on how points were allocated and the results will be published on Telecom Handel on 28th November 2016.