Brodos Kiosk launched at first Intersport stores

Brodos Kiosk launched at first Intersport stores

Brodos Kiosk launched at first Intersport stores

Brodos Kiosk launched at first Intersport stores

Our Connected Store concept has already been being used successfully at the PoS since 2015. Up until now, numerous projects have been implemented successfully and the feedback from retailers has also been very positive. Our aim from the outset was to continue to work at developing our concept and launch the kiosk in other branches as well. We have enjoyed a high degree of interest in the individual categories. We are currently involved in a project with Intersport retailers. The Kiosk is successfully being used at their PoS.

Kiosk being used in Intersport

Our project with Intersport is a large step towards providing an industry solution. Intersport retailers throughout Bavaria who already have a kiosk in store showing their individual sport portfolio are among our first customers. End customers in store are able to choose from a seasonal product range, in this case for winter, with products from Salomon, Jack Wolfskin, JAKO and Atomic. The individual retailers collect payment directly for orders via the Kiosk.

Caption: The Kiosk is being put to use at Intersport Glass.

Caption: Sebastian May, Head of Running Department beside the Kiosk.

The feedback from end customers is very positive and the first orders have already been placed. The aim is to convince retailers from other sectors of the advantages of having a huge range available in store, to make them enthusiastic about the opportunities this offers and to make the huge range of products available visible to end customers in store. Whilst doing so, we take care to work hand in hand and in close consultation with the sports retailers. They are kept up to date with all new developments at regular intervals with a report tailored to their industry.

michael_beck“The concept behind the Kiosk is the perfect tool for us to bring customers away from purely internet-based business back into our stores, as we can now offer just as wide a product range and prices comparable to those offered online. The service and communication we have enjoyed from the Brodos employees involved in the project has been top class, they have been great at keeping us up to date and providing information at all times. After successfully launching the store system, Brodos is also our partner when it comes to making the leap and setting up a webshop. A lot of problems which we wouldn’t be able to solve ourselves can be solved centrally by Brodos. We are looking forward to seeing how the Kiosk (internally we call it World of Sport) will develop by Spring 2017.

Michael Beck, Intersport Glass in Marktredwitz.
marcel-2015“The feedback we have received has been positive without exception. Customers appreciate the (digital) trend we are now part of, being able to see every single product in the Kiosk and, providing it’s possible for each brand, the option of being able to choose home delivery.”

Marcel Altenfelder, Intersport Wohlleben in Dörfles-Esbach.

Where does it go from here?

We are looking forward to other manufacturers and Intersport retailers who want to get started with us.

Manufacturers who are interested in joining can get in touch with our catalogue team on 00 49 9133-7770 4131 or by e-mail at This also of course applies to Intersport retailers, who can contact our Kiosk team on 00 49 9133-7770 4499 or at

More information on our Connected Store can also be found on our homepage: