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Over the last six months, Brodos has gained many new well-known suppliers for their marketplace, providing specialist retailers with an ever larger range of products suited to their branch at very good market prices. The basic principle applies: healthy competition leads to improved quality, also when it comes to prices. In addition, there has been a sharp increase in interest in our kiosk system at the PoS, which makes this virtually endless pool of competitively priced goods visible to end customers in store as well.

Marketplace with huge product portfolio

What was previously only reserved for e-commerce specialists such as Amazon, eBay & co is now finding its way into specialist retail thanks to the marketplace. The marketplace brings products directly to the point of sale. As soon as product data, prices and stock levels are available to retailers, these are shown in the kiosk in store and in the online shop. At present, we already have more than 250,000 products in our marketplace and more are being added every day. Participating suppliers include big players such as EURONICS, WAVE and dexxIT, but also specialists such as Nedis, Peter Jäckel, Thumbs up and phonetastic, offering clever niche products to ensure that a broad range of products is available.

Image: A number of well-known suppliers have already joined our marketplace.

Wide variety

Brick and mortar retail is faced by the challenge that there is complete price transparency on the internet and that a much wider product range can be shown there than in store. This is where the marketplace comes into play:

the free of charge shopping platform means that a virtually unlimited number of products can be shown by brick and mortar retailers as well, via the kiosk or the online shop on the internet, at a price which can compete with the internet price. The recommended end customer price is calculated on a daily basis from the prices on offer found in various search engines and well-known online shops as well as the prices on offer in the amazon market place and the amazon direct price.

With the marketplace, we offer brick and mortar retailers the possibility of selecting products from a huge portfolio and a great diversity of products available for purchase at attractive prices. The great thing is that our product range is growing on a daily basis. More and more suppliers are joining our platform and want to become part of our cross-channel concept.


Image: Our online shop reflects the wide diversity and the continually growing product range.