Mobile Kiosk2Go app added to cross-channel platform Mobile Kiosk2Go app added to cross-channel platform


We have already been offering our retailers the option of gaining a foothold as a local hero in their region with the connected store concept since 2015. This obviously includes the in-store kiosk, but also the newly overhauled online shop with online shop maker as the retailer’s own home page on the internet. We have now developed the Kiosk2Go app to allow end customers to have the Kiosk with them at all times on their smartphone even when they are out and about.
The perfect addition to the Kiosk and the online shop: The Kiosk2Go app for on the move.

Starting immediately, we would like to support our specialist retailers not only with the Kiosk in store and the newly overhauled online shop on the internet, but also by allowing their customers to carry the retailer’s product range with them at all times, even when they are out and about. That is why we have developed the Kiosk2Go app, which allows end customers to access the retailer’s product range with more than 200,000 products on their smartphones even when they are on the move, allowing customers to be served over all channels.


With the Kiosk2Go app customers can now not only shop from their trusted retailer in store and online, but also from a mobile device.


Installation is very easy, just like with the Kiosk and the online shop. The customer goes into the retailer’s connected store, where the retailer then installs the app onto the customer’s smartphone. Once that is done, all the customer has to do is select her local store and then she can access the retailer’s entire portfolio with over 200,000 products and can shop to her heart’s content, even when out and about.


The Kiosk2Go app is very easy to install and use.


A large benefit of the Kiosk2Go app for retailers is the possibility of customization. Using the app, they can showcase their entire product portfolio like with the online shop, as well as presenting their team and incorporating individual offers or current news. This brings the focus onto the retailer, who can keep up with the really big players by offering an app, in other words a platform on which the products and services she offers can be displayed in exactly the same way and which customers can also view when out and about.


The Kiosk2Go app is of course free of charge for all Kiosk and online shop owners. Interested customers can have the app downloaded in store by their retailer from  Google Play . Currently the Kiosk2Go app is available via Android, we are working on a version for iOS.