online shop now offers payment by credit card! online shop now offers payment by credit card! online shop now offers payment by credit card! online shop now offers payment by credit card!

In the last few months we have worked hard at improving our online shop and making it even more attractive for retailers. One new feature we can now offer is the option of choosing to pay by credit card. That means a lot of advantages for both, retailer and customers.

Online shop gaining importance

Most retailers are now aware of the importance of cross chanel for brick and mortar retailers. As well as offering a Kiosk in store, it is of course also important to have an attractive online shop via which the retailer can be found online. That is the reason behind our decision to develop the online shop, which showcases the large product selection of over 250,000 products on the internet as well.

It also offers end customers constant availability of products and the convenient opening hours of an online shop open around the clock. Thanks to the new improved online shop offered by their local retailer, customers have, for example the option of placing orders on a Sunday and collecting the goods in store the next day.

In order to support our retailers even further, we have now devoted ourselves to an important point – offering more choice when it comes to payment. With immediate effect, we are able to offer our partners’ end customers the option of paying with all relevant payment options available online, such as e.g. by credit card.

This entails a number of advantages for retailers and end customers. Our simplified payment processes reduce the retailers’ workload, and they benefit from the very good BrodosPayment conditions. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and an increase in spontaneous purchases thanks to the wider choice of payment options available. Our new payment methods have already been integrated into the online shop and are available for selection. Retailers can find out more about how it operates by visiting our website.

Onlineshop Zahlungsmethoden

Picture: At once you can pay with every method of payment in the Onlineshop.

After months of work, the online shop has turned out really well. A lot of our retailers are enthusiastic and recognize the potential it offers. They have opted to have an online shop customized to suit their own CI. One of them is Falk Thorwarth from Telesystems Thorwarth GmbH in Schmalkalden, who has considerably boosted turnover and gained a number of new customers thanks to the online shop.

Picture: The online shop makes the retailer a Local Hero in his region.

At present, there are currently approximately 285 online shops in Germany and we are receiving more and more requests from retailers interested in getting an online presence of their own. One of our partners who is also convinced by the online shop is Falk Thorwarth from Telesystems Thorwarth GmbH in Schmalkalden:

2017-03-21 12_39_51-2017-03-21 12_35_24-Falk Thorwarth.jpg - Fotos.png - Fotos“The Brodos online shop is our first venture into connecting our offline POS business and online presence. The manageable administrative effort and the transparent
processing of orders sold it to us.”

Falk Thorwarth,Telesystems Thorwarth GmbH in Schmalkalden.

Picture: Falk Thorwarth’s online shop is in the store’s corporate design and offers a huge selection of more than 250,000 products.

Retailers who are interested in finding out more about our online shop are welcome to send us an email ( or contact our cross channel sales team at + 49 9133 7770 – 4499.