onlineshop 3.5 to get even more PS under the hood and to become more individual onlineshop 3.5 to get even more PS under the hood and to become more individual onlineshop 3.5 to get even more PS under the hood and to become more individual onlineshop 3.5 to get even more PS under the hood and to become more individual

The online shop has just got much bigger! Since the relaunch at the end of last year, a total of 130 online shops are already up and running, with more being added every day. The reaction of the retailers is positive without exception. They are enthusiastic about the new possibilities the online shop offers them.

AD-5560_OnlineShop_Homepagemaker-eng online shop entering the next generation

The focus is predominantly on performance and complete individualization to match the retailer’s CI.

Even more power for the online shop technology

With our online shop going so well, we realized it was time to get ready for the future, improving the performance of the server even further. Our database is to get even more power, whilst we are also to increase performance in particular as far as searches are concerned. The new database in our machine room therefore also offers the basis for an even larger long tail product range, better links between items, better findability of products being looked for and above all much, much more scalability. We will be able to tick technology off our list even before the end of June this year, putting us in a position where we can quite clearly keep up with Amazon and co in this respect.


Picture: The new online shop is entering the next generation with even more power.

Even better individualization in keeping with the retailer’s CI

Unlike other existing concepts on the market, the homepage maker with online shop offered by Brodos is not only a central shop with affiliate areas where the retailer is basically just an improved delivery address, but rather each retailer receives their own complete online shop on their own virtual server. In particular, this offers retailers the option of creating a lot of their own content with their own menu and their own CI. Each retailer has their own genuine online shop, which is then taken into account accordingly in the search results from Google and co.

So far, what retailers appreciate most of all is the way in which the online shop can be customised entirely to suit their needs. With the integrated homepage maker they can design their new online shop entirely individually with their own logo, new offers and their own contact details. The new online shop also has an improved appearance, and can be displayed online as a high quality homepage, with access to over 200,000 products. Our built-in geo-tagging ensures that customers will be able to find the store of the retailer in their town or region online. We do of course also offer special regional power workshops on this topic, coaching retailers on the new online shop.

Our next step and main focus in this direction is now to continue to expand this area.

With immediate effect, we are therefore offering our retailers the option of having their own online shop designed individually and entirely in keeping with their special requirements by our own internal web agency, making it even more attractive. Up until now, it was easy for retailers to customize their online shops via the menu and their own content, but now it is going to be possible to a far greater extent.
We are happy to design the online shop in close cooperation with the retailer’s own advertising agency.

Retailers can choose between several different packages, such as Smart, Premium and Professional. Our new offer has already generated a lot of interest. The first orders are already being processed and we are receiving more enquiries.