Brodos starts deliveries with flying drones

Brodos starts deliveries with flying drones

Just in time for spring, we have decided to act on the request of many of our customers and are starting to make deliveries with flying drones. Our first trial run is due to start in April already, but by the middle of the year drones should be being used for all deliveries. Our drones belong to the second generation of delivery drones. A device with a propeller, which looks similar to an aircraft but which can start and land vertically.


The delivery process is to be fine-tuned over the next few months until it becomes a completely automated process. The process starts in the warehouse, where the box is taken by conveyor belt to the drone. The drone grabs the box and stores it in a storeroom. The drone is fitted out with a navigation device, which automatically finds the way to the customer.

The flying device is also to be equipped with sensors and cameras, allowing it to recognize obstacles on the ground or other flying objects which it can then avoid. With a load capacity of up to 2.5 kilograms, the drones can cover a maximum distance of 16 kilometers.

The drones will allow us to meet our customers’ requests for making delivery of goods even more efficient. As the race against time has started in the retail and e-commerce sectors, delivery times are naturally a decisive factor in the competition.


The first deliveries will be delivered in person (see photo), before unmanned flying devices start to be used. This will help us stay one step ahead of the competition, whilst at the same time heralding a new era in the mobile phone sector.

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