Brodos web agency supports retailers in designing their online shop

Brodos web agency supports retailers in designing their online shop

Brodos web agency supports retailers in designing their online shop

Brodos web agency supports retailers in designing their online shop

The online shop is growing and growing and with it the number of requests we are receiving from retailers who would like to have their online shop optimized and customized personally by us for them. In order to cope with the volume of requests we have created a team specially for catering to our customers’ special requests, designing an online shop customized to suit them.

Bespoke online shop

Our internal web agency supports retailers who would like to have a new, completely individual and personalized online shop but who don’t have the time to set it up themselves. They often don’t have the necessary experience in the area of search engine optimization and image processing. This is where the Brodos web agency comes into play, making sure that the design of the website is tailored to suit the store’s CI.

This includes, for example, the logo, new offers and legal notice with address details but also the design of the homepage as a whole, including setting up the entire contents, as well as taking care of the social media presence, which is also covered in our repertoire. We are happy to do all of this in close cooperation with the retailer’s own web agency.

Image: In store, online and on mobile devices, the online shop is there wherever you go.

After having had work carried out on it, the online shop has a much improved appearance, and can be displayed online as a high quality homepage, with access to over 200,000 products. In addition, our built-in geo-tagging ensures that customers will be able to find the store of the retailer in their town or region online.

Successfully put into practice

One of the retailers who is enthusiastic about the customizing service offered by the Brodos web agency is Baykan Sahin from Sahin Mobile in Dachau. He has just had his online shop completely set up by us, choosing to have his Facebook page revamped at the same time.

Sahin_mobile“I had my online shop and Facebook presence designed by the Brodos web agency, as I wanted it to look professional, but just didn’t have the time myself. I especially like the fact that everything was taken care of so straightforwardly and that communication worked perfectly.”
Baykan Sahin, Sahin Mobile Dachau.


“We customized both Baykan’s online shop and his Facebook presence to suit his CI, making it more attractive and giving it a design to match what he offers in store: high-quality technology In addition we also optimised the pages for search engines, making it easier for him to be found by customers. A web presence like this is obviously much more professional if it all comes from one source, it comes over much better to end customers.”



Susanne Kraus, Online Shop Specialist.

2016-06-23 09_39_56-Sahin Mobile

Image:  Baykan Sahin’s new online shop was designed and customized exactly the way he wanted.

2016-06-23 09_51_07-Sahin Mobile Dachau

Image:The Brodos web agency also revamped the Facebook page.

Free choice of agency services

Retailers are free to choose from a number of different packages, giving them the choice to decide how much they would like to design themselves and what we should take over for them. Retailers should not hesitate to contact their relevant contact person if they have any questions relating to the various services.