Connected stores continue on course for growth

Connected stores continue on course for growth

Connected stores continue on course for growth

Connected stores continue on course for growth

When we began in the mobile communications market, the mobile phone market was only just taking its first tentative steps and still had a long way to go. Over the last few years, our sector has changed significantly, as have we thanks to our connected store concept. Today, we now work together with more than 4,000 partners, including of course our my-eXtra retailers. More and more of them are deciding to integrate our connected store concept into their stores.

Lots of new connected stores

We invested a lot of effort into developing our new concept, until we were able to present the retailers our connected store concept at the beginning of 2015 – with great success: More and more retailers are deciding to change their orange-coloured store into a connected store or to build an entire new connected store from scratch. Our shop team has been busy throughout Germany, working hard to promote growth.

If we listen to what retailers are saying, it is clear that our concept is just what is needed. Many retailers who have worked with us for years now and have decided to renovate or open a new store are highly satisfied and see the connected store as an opportunity for them to stand up against the competition from the internet.

DSC_0001_pp“I have been with Brodos for five years now, and what I appreciate most of all is their team, who are just great to work with. I have since had my store transformed into a connected store and am very happy with it. What I like best is that I can incorporate my own ideas as well, and that I
Vedran Grabavac, my-eXtra Mühldorf am Inn.
IMG_0390“I have already had very positive experiences with my first my-eXtra shop, which is why I decided to open a new second store. What I particularly like about Brodos is the excellent support they offer. I also appreciate the all-round package and above all the concept of the connected store, which is only offered in its entirety from Brodos. That of course helps me keep ahead of the competition.”
Faisal Tariq Khan, my-eXtra Siegburg and my-eXtra Bonn.

Berkan Ugurlu from Mobilfunk Hofgarten in Solingen has also opened a brand new connected store. The modern furniture and fittings, the kiosk system and the lighting all make the concept really come into its own.

Image: Another new connected store: Mobilfunk Hofgarten in Solingen.

IMG_5805“I think the flexibility of the shop concept is just great. No-one else can offer LED’s for each network operator. is really easy, the systems are structured very simply, this is just what you need if you want to start out in the mobile communications market or are just setting up your own business.”
Berkan Ugurlu, Mobilfunk Hofgarten in Solingen.

Local Hero strategy welcomed

Included in the connected store as well as the kiosk, online shop with integrated homepage maker, digital signage solution my-store-TV and the shop fittings concept is also our Local Hero strategy, which helps our retailers stand out from other stores, making them a local hero in their region. This is made possible thanks to individual and personalized branding, designed by our in-house advertising department. Whether flyers, exterior banners, couponing, newsletters or service cards, our local hero marketing tailors all marketing measures to the personality and regionality of the retailer.

In order to underline our local hero strategy, we decided a year ago to change our my-eXtra franchise concept into a my-eXtra cooperation concept, in which our retailers are free to design their shop with us whilst also remaining flexible in their choice of network. This shows once again that for us, retailers are not customers but rather partners, and we are looking forward to heading into the future side by side with them.