Sell digital products very easily with the new ePIN Seller app

Sell digital products very easily with the new ePIN Seller app

Sell digital products very easily with the new ePIN Seller app

Sell digital products very easily with the new ePIN Seller app

The new ePIN Seller app makes it very easy for sales staff to access a wide range of digital products. With the app, we have given you a tool you can use to meet customer’s requirements straightaway, at any time. Whether movies, games, software, ebooks or prepaid top-up, the end customer can choose from a huge selection, and is sent the PIN quickly and straightforwardly by email.

Sell effortlessly with the ePIN Seller app

With the new ePIN Seller app, retailers can sell digital products directly in store quite easily using their smart phone. All retailers need to do is install the app on their Android device and then register with a Content Card distributor via our website. Whenever the end customer approaches a salesperson in store looking for a particular product, it is very straightforward for the salesperson to sell the product using the ePIN Seller app.

The retailer selects the requested product, enters the end customer’s email in the app, the customer pays and the sales person presses send. The server then sends the mail with the code of the purchased product to the customer. Retailers are no longer restricted to selling via the cash register or the Mini Kiosk, instead they can choose to sell directly via the ePIN Seller app, a much quicker and more straightforward option.

Picture: Along with other important apps, the ePin Seller app is always available on your smart phone.

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Picture: The end customer can choose between movies, games, software, e-booksor prepaid top-ups and make a purchase.

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Picture: The retailer enters the customer’s email in the app and after payment has been processed …

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… the customer receives an email with details of the purchase.

Benefits for retailers and end customers

The ePIN Seller App offers a wealth of benefits for retailers and end customers. Retailers have no additional costs for purchasing special devices for making printouts, end customers can complete their purchase quicker. The app also makes simple cross-selling possible, as each salesperson has the ePin Seller available on their mobile phone when selling products to customers. Additional hardware is no longer required, as the ePin Seller app works on all Android mobile phones. This automatically means virtually no waiting time for end customers, as each salesperson can sell digital products quickly with the ePin Seller.

In addition, selling digital products is no longer restricted to any particular area within store. Promotion campaigns can be turned into a genuine shopping experience for the end customer, whose attention may for example be grabbed by a product on a stand in a shopping center, but then has to go into the store to pay. As for retailers, they can even reach end customers outside their store.

Any retailers who are interested can quite simply download the ePIN Seller app from the Google Playstore and contact the Content Card team on 00 49 9133 – 60 84 0 or by email at if they have any questions.

Content Card – Platform for digital products

Digital products are in demand today more than ever before. In order to bring these to end customers, we established Content Card AG in 2004, which gives specialist retailers the chance of standing up to the competition from the internet thanks to the large digital product range. We make it possible for retailers to access a selection of more than 4,000 digital products such as digital vouchers, prepaid top-ups, software, games, music streaming and online movies. More information is also available on our Content Card website.