Give customers something to talk about! The store around the corner now has its own online shop

Give customers something to talk about! The store around the corner now has its own online shop

Give customers something to talk about! The store around the corner now has its own online shop

Give customers something to talk about! The store around the corner now has its own online shop

We have now started offering shop window stickers aimed at advertising your own online shop directly in store. This makes a visible link between the brick and mortar PoS and the online shop. Good news for end customers! Shopping in both channels – in store and online, without having to switch retailer.

Advertising your own online shop in the shop window

We have started to provide our retailers with shop window stickers in order to advertise their own online shop directly at the PoS, outside their store. The stickers attract customers’ attention, as they don’t expect such individual advertising for a store’s online shop, and certainly not from smaller stores.

More and more retailers are recognising the importance of a cross-channel strategy and the need to display their services online as well. As a result, we have optimised our online shop and developed a new individual online shop with an integrated homepage maker, which is even free of charge for Kiosk owners.

The major advantage of our new and considerably more sophisticated online shop for the retailers is that using this platform they can access the same huge product range with over 200,000 products that is displayed in store on the Kiosk – and retailers can now even advertise this at their PoS thanks to our stickers.


Image:The new online shop sticker can be customized however the retailer wants, advertising the online shop at the local PoS.

Image:The shop window sticker with URL can be designed individually to match the retailer’s shop address on the internet.

Drawing attention to the huge selection in the kiosk

The kiosk allows retailers to draw customers’ attention to the huge range of products they offer. Brick and mortar retail is transformed into a walk-in online shop, making the entire online product range with over 200,000 products visible for sales staff and end customers in a very small space. Even merchandise which is not available in store can be sold, at a price which can compete with those offered on the internet. Anything the retailer does not have in store is still available.

Retailers can also provide customers advice on products in store on the kiosk monitor, being on hand to offer personal advice if any questions arise. In combination with the online shop, retailers can display all channels, and remain competitive in the future thanks to their cross-channel concept.

With the shop window sticker advertising the kiosk, retailers can draw customers’ attention to the large product range even before customers enter the store, making them curious to find out more.

Image:The sticker advertising the kiosk available in store makes customers interested, tempting them into the retailer’s store thanks to the advertising being place directly in the shop window.

Finding a position across all channels as a cross-channel retailer

With the new stickers, retailers now do not only have the possibility of making their online shop visible at the PoS, but also of customizing it in their own corporate design. The customized online shop is a real eye catcher for customers, even if they are still standing ouside the retailer’s store.
Especially small stores are sure to generate some surprise among customers with the stickers, as it never used to be possible to make such individual and effective advertising. The retailer can therefore stand out from the local competition, generating interest not only with the kiosk, but also with their online shop on the internet.

This gives them the possibility of operating cross-channel across all channels, placing themselves in the ideal position – both online and in their brick and mortar store – and the stickers give them the ideal advertising material.

Ladenaufkleber am PoS
Image:In combination with the kiosk stickers, the online shop stickers make a great overall impression at the PoS.

If so requested by the retailer, our shop fitting team is happy to attach the sticker to the shop window free of charge when installing the kiosk.

The Kiosk stickers are 50 x 32,5 centimeters large and cost 9,90 euros. The Onlineshop stickers are 50 x 50 centimeters large and cost 64,90 euros.The size for the Onlineshop sticker depends on the shop window, prices on request.

Interested retailers can find further information on the online shop website at price list additional online shop packages or by phone at 09133 – 7704499.