Investments in home automation rising rapidly

Investments in home automation rising rapidly

Investments in home automation rising rapidly

Investments in home automation rising rapidly

Everyone has started talking about home automation, which is finding its way more and more into households, particularly in the USA. According to a recent study from the npd Group, home automation was up 48% in the second half of 2015 in the USA alone. All home automation sub-categories experienced double-digit growth rates in the USA. The leading sector is energy and sensors, with growth of 100% and the intelligent lock sector, with growth of 90%.

Home Automation — A Home Run!

The study of the npd Group proves: Home automation is gaining in importance for many households (source: npd Group).

The top smart home products in the USA include security and monitoring cameras, intelligent thermostats, lighting products and sensors. Selling prices range from 33.71 to 205.13 dollars, depending on the product.

Smart home boom in Germany too

Energy efficiency, security and comfort are also a current topic in Germany, and many households are already using home automation products. In this context, Telekom has been offering a new marketing concept since autumn 2015. With the smart home solutions offered by Telekom, customers have everything under control at home. The Qivicon Home Base is the central controlling element which communicates with compatible devices in the home, making it possible for the home to be controlled and monitored by smartphone, PC or tablet – from home or when out and about.


Many benefits for retailers

As a Brodos customer, the specialist retailer benefits from a completely available smart home range, support in selling products and with advertising templates and individual campaigns. Retailers therefore have the option of winning over new target groups and consolidating their Local Hero presence, as the topic of security allows them to offer an even wider product range, not just restricted to mobile communications and landline products. For Brodos sales partners attractive commission can be earned for each contract which is signed. We offer end customers different offers which change on a monthly basis, for example free actuators for signing a contract.
At present we currently already have 19 different actuators listed via Telekom. Thanks to the open platform this is a technology which is fit for the future, with the portfolio constantly being extended with compatible products of well-known manufacturers (e.g. Miele, BMW, Philips). More and more new areas are being connected to the mobile smart home network.

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