Nationwide advertising campaign in 275 online shops throughout Germany

Nationwide advertising campaign in 275 online shops throughout Germany

Nationwide advertising campaign in 275 online shops throughout Germany

Nationwide advertising campaign in 275 online shops throughout Germany

The online shops have been optimized further, meaning that advertising campaigns from manufacturers can now be integrated in our over 275 active, regional online shops.

Slider as new building block in marketing mix

The advertising slider gives manufacturers the possibility of advertising their product highlights in more than 275 online shops belonging to regional retailers. This allows national advertising promotions to be extended into the online area as well.

As well as the online shop, we already offer a digital signage solution my-store.TV as well as our end customer newsletter, which has gone down very well in the industry.

With my-store.TV we bring animated advertising updated on a daily basis directly into the retailer’s store, generating excitement for the latest products amongst customers in store. This allows retailers to place their products at the very place purchasing decisions are made. We have now developed my-store.eMail as a further building block in the marketing mix. This can be used to send digital advertising directly to customers at home on the basis of an end customer newsletter. With the advertising slider in the online shop we are closing the circle and reaching customers not only in store and by email, but also online.

The new advertising slider has been very positively received so far. Our new offer has met with great acceptance, especially as an advertising tool of this nature was not available before, and now retailers have an online presence as well.


Image: The slider changes constantly, showing the latest product highlights and increasing our customers’ advertising possibilities.

Benefits for retailers

The benefit for retailers is that they are automatically included in nationwide advertising campaigns run throughout Germany by manufacturers, providing them with a further tool for advertising and boosting sales.

The slider is included automatically in the tariffs Free and Smart, in the Premium tariff retailers also have the option of deciding what should be shown in the slider themselves.

Benefits for manufacturers

For manufacturers, the new advertising tool offers the advantage that their product highlights can be advertised in over 275 online shop, gaining online visibility. Advertising is booked just once and then shown in all three advertising forms. Only the advertisements which are actually shown are charged for.

Manufacturers who are interested in our advertising possibilities and would like to find out more can find detailed information on our  my-store.TV website. Or just give me a call on 00 49 9133 7770-4126.

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