New Brodos smart home display wall for the PoS

New Brodos smart home display wall for the PoS

New Brodos smart home display wall for the PoS

New Brodos smart home display wall for the PoS

In order to be able to support our specialist retailers even better at the PoS, we have fine tuned our smart home display once again, developing and integrating three new live modules. The result is quite something! With the new heating thermostat, which can be plugged in wherever it is needed, the door and window contact and the socket which can be plugged in according to individual requirements, the smart home range can now be presented even more straightforwardly.

Image: The latest version:  New Brodos smart home display wall with three new live modules.

New Brodos smart home display wall with three new live modules

We launched our smart home display for the first time at the end of 2015, aimed at making products from the smart home area more tangible for customers. Retailers were very enthusiastic. One of the benefits of the new Brodos display is that unlike other displays, it incorporates a 27” monitor for (integrated into the shop fittings from the outset) which allows retailers to be able to display a lot of different products as well, especially new ones. These can then easily be saved onto the retailer’s stick.


The area under the TV has an EasyDot adhesive film which makes it easy to remove and change images, allowing retailers to design their display just the way they want it. The slats underneath can be used to display flyers or other products.

Under the slats is a display shelf with an integrated cable duct. This is the perfect spot for the smart home base, the tablet which is used as the control center, as well as other products. The live module of the mobile power socket can be used according to individual requirements and can be attached at different spots on the slatted wall. The adapter plug can be used as and when required.
The new live modules can be bought in a set as an additional extra.

Brodos develops multi-functional universal display

We decided to develop a universal display in order to allow our Brodos display to also be used for a range of different functions. Manufacturers such as CAT, for example, can use it to display their products and brand the display in their own design, whilst network operators such as, for example, Deutsche Telekom, can continue to use it to present their smart home products.

There is no limit to the possible variations, giving retailers the option of being able to demonstrate and explain a wide-ranging portfolio to their customers in store.


















:  Our Brodos universal display in CAT® design.