New tariffs and customized packages for your online shop

New tariffs and customized packages for your online shop

New tariffs and customized packages for your online shop

New tariffs and customized packages for your online shop

With the new tariffs and packages we are more flexible and individual, and can meet our customers’ wishes even better than before. For our retailers they also give a good overview of the goods and services we offer, making it easier for them to decide what suits them best.

Large range of goods and services

After our great success with the new online shop, many retailers now want to make their web presence even more attractive. We now offer them a much wider product portfolio with various packages and tariffs, leaving a lot of scope for individualization. The goods and services we offer are available in three different tariff options: Free, Smart and Premium.

The Free Version is free of charge for retailers with a kiosk, giving them an online shop which includes the most important information to be able to set up a presence online as a pure ordering platform. This version includes:
– provision of online shop including catalog
– individual “” ending
– automatic daily maintenance /updates of catalog & prices
– order fulfillment via StoreShip
– bypassing StoreShip map
– video tutorials, handbook
– integrated registration for end customer newsletter
– large advertising banner as external advertising

The Smart Version offers retailers everything they need and what makes sense for them to have. Unlike the free version, the Smart version includes a homepage maker, which allows the website to be customized and tailored to suit the retailer’s CI. It costs 20 EUR / month with a minimum term of 12 months.

The following features are included:
– homepage maker incl. own menu points
– individual header banner for your team and shop photo
– purchase option “home delivery”
– small logo
– 5 hour workshop on setting up & using the system incl. food & drink for one person
– mobile end customer app “Kiosk2Go”
– individual color scheme
– small logo as external advertising

The Premium Version, like the Smart version,can also be customized to suit the retailer, but also includes additional modules such as “Questions to the experts” and a five hour workshop on getting set up and using the system, including food & drink for two people. With this option, retailers can choose not to have external advertising shown in the footer at all. The premium version costs 60 EUR / month with a minimum term of 12 months and will have further services added in the future.


Additional online shop packages available for order

We also offer additional online shop packages for ordering, which are split as follows:

Online shop design:
– “Smart” customization package
– “Premium” customization package

– domain change “”
– existing domain with “.de” ending

Social Media:
-Facebook launch: setting up a new Facebook page
– Facebook Up2Date: Creating a Facebook page

– Google package


More information on the tariffs and packages can naturally also be found on our onlineshop for anyone who is interested.

Positive reaction

The customization packages for the online shop and the Facebook services have gone down particularly well. The option retailers have of using their own “.de” domain is also very popular. Here we help retailers who already have a “de” domain and want to use it for their online shop to set up their page.

There is also good news for kiosk owners: At the moment, all current online shops are automatically allocated to the Smart tariff, and can use it free of charge up to and including 31st December 2016. The services shall be invoiced without a change of tariff from 1 January 2017. Until then, they have time to decide whether they would like to remain in the Free program or change to Smart.