Optimizing the mobile version of the online shop

Optimizing the mobile version of the online shop

Optimizing the mobile version of the online shop

Optimizing the mobile version of the online shop

A lot has happened with our new online shop over the last few weeks and months. Our web agency created especially for this purpose has, along with a number of other topics, predominantly tackled the responsive area. The mobile version of the online shop has been fine-tuned, improving the way it is displayed on smartphones.

Mobile pages optimized

We have tackled the issue of design particularly for the mobile version, giving the contents a facelift and a new design which is now comparable to the online shops of the really big players such as Amazon and co. The optimization process has included, for example, integrated slides, which allow the individual products to be clicked through quickly and easily, even when on the move. Products can now be reloaded dynamically, and the shopping basket in the search bar has also been improved for the mobile version. A new, improved button, which can now be recognized as such, has been incorporated for the individual categories.


“We have adjusted the graphic user interface of the new online shops to suit the requirements of the end customers. We have in particular taken care to ensure that the improvements apply to the mobile version of the online shop. Now it is even easier for customers to browse through the shop on their mobile phones when they are out and about.”

Susanne Kraus, online shop specialist.

Positive feedback from retailers

We have received only positive feedback from retailers. The improvements we have made and the option of remaining available for customers even when they are out and about is a great benefit for our partners. Harald Schuster from Landfunk in Wirges is especially pleased at the reaction of his customers when it comes to the kiosk and online shop. More and more customers are coming into his store looking for advice at the kiosk, before then ordering online via the online shop either from home or when out and about. He is enthusiastic about the fact that the shop is now available in an optimized mobile version.

 Ausschnitt Harald“The best thing about the cross-channel concept of the connected store is that we don’t have to send any customer away empty-handed anymore. Everyone who comes to us is given advice at the kiosk, and we make a point of telling them about our online shop. The result is quite something: Each week we advise approximately 50 to 60 customers at the kiosk. The kiosk and the online shop score with an unbelievable selection of more than 200,000 products and their eye-catching design. What I really like are the various menu points in the online shop, which can be selected individually. Our customers are already really keen on the Kiosk2Go app, which they can use to shop in our store even if they are out and about. All I can say is that the kiosk and the online shop have changed our business for the better: on mobile devices, in store and online.”
Harald Schuster, Der Landfunk in Wirges.
balticmobile“We have also contacted the Brodos web agency and commissioned them with optimizing our online shop. We particularly like the design with our individual logo and the faces of our employees, the rapid search results and the availability and rapid delivery of goods. As the online shop is now also available in a mobile version, it is even easier for our customers to find out about our latest offers online as well.”
Rainer Henze, balticmobile in Seebad Ahlbeck.


Animated image: The new mobile version allows users, for example, to slide between individual categories. Dynamic reloading is now also possible while scrolling.

Kiosk2Go App makes mobile shopping possible

We do not only want to support our specialist retailers with the Kiosk in store and the newly overhauled online shop on the internet, but also by allowing their customers to carry the retailer’s product range with them at all times, even when they are on the move, which is why we have developed the Kiosk2Go app. With this app, customers can access the retailer’s product range with more than 200,000 products on their smartphones even when they are on the move, allowing customers to be served over all channels. We have improved the app even further, giving it a better design. The Kiosk2Go app is of course free of charge for all kiosk and online shop owners. Interested customers can have the app downloaded in store by their retailer from Google Play.


Image: Simply choose your trusted store in the Kiosk2Go app and shop to your heart’s content.