Outdoor advertising becoming interactive

Outdoor advertising becoming interactive

Outdoor advertising becoming interactive

Outdoor advertising becoming interactive

We presented our outdoor advertising for the first time at our Convention in March last year, now it has been implemented for real. Berkan Ugurlu from Mobilfunk Hofgarten in Solingen is the first retailer in the whole of Germany to have installed my-store.TV as outdoor advertising outside his store.

Advertising in front of the shop

After only a few days it was clear that customers were very positive about the outdoor advertising. Berkan Ugurlu is pleased with the positive feedback The shop owner has recently opened his brand new connected store, and decided to go with the outdoor advertising as an additional eye catcher.

IMG_5805“The outdoor advertising is very high quality and gives the shop a quality appearance. The moving images are striking and catch the attention of passers by. Several people have already come in to ask about the CAT S60, which is featured in the advertising. By showing all network operators, the outdoor advertising makes it clear that we offer all of them.”

Berkan Ugurlu, Mobilfunk Hofgarten in Solingen.

With the new outdoor advertising, retailers can advertise their special offers in front of their shop door, drawing attention to themselves. The monitors, which are protected from the weather with a special casing, can be mounted outside on the shop facade, and act as a real eye-catcher for passers-by and potential customers. In the future, this will be the perfect solution for retailers to attract customers’ attention with highlighted products even before they enter the shop.

Our outdoor advertising:


Caption: The outdoor advertising shows a constantly changing selection of new products.

The video about our new outdoor advertising:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEGw8YGdqGM” rel=”no”]

Pictures of our outdoor advertising:

Caption: The new outdoor advertising in Solingen is a real eye-catcher…


Caption:….. and attracts attention to the entire shop and the products advertised on the monitors.

my-store.TV – as simple as watching TV

The contents of our digital signage solution my-store.TV run on the monitors of the outdoor advertising with the latest offers from the manufacturers. These are arranged into channels, exactly the same as with television. Retailers have the choice of a variety of channels which differ in the various weighting of contents they offer. Exactly as with television, they can choose which channel should run on the selected monitor. Further channels can be added at any time or contents changed by changing channel – as simple as watching television!

Everything the retailer needs is the my-store.TV HDMI stick and a monitor. my-Store.TV is not only easy to use, it can also easily be integrated into existing store concepts without any great effort or expense. Retailers even have the option of designing their own channels. The advertising contents in the channels are constantly refreshed, ensuring that offers are always up to date.


Caption: The my-store.TV HDMI stick is easy to use and integrate into existing store concepts.

Digital Signage as Ideal Advertising Platform

Advertising customers have also long since recognized the advantages of my-store.TV for placing their advertising contents. It is the only digital signage solution on the mobile communications market to offer the possibility of advertising directly at the point of sale in the competitive environment. A further advantage is that there is no limit to the playing time of each of the spots. Unlike other advertising channels, the length of the spot is not limited. National TV spots or product videos can easily be played in the my-store.TV channels and campaigns run without any great effort or additional expense.

However, it is not only for retailers that using my-store.TV is “as simple as watching TV”. Thanks to the slight administrative effort, it is also particularly suitable for targeted digital signage projects directly at the point of sale which are just run for a limited period. Pop up stores or advertising channels aimed at supporting sales can be implemented quickly and at a reasonable price.