PwC Retail Study: Customers buying more and more by smartphone

PwC Retail Study: Customers buying more and more by smartphone

PwC Retail Study: Customers buying more and more by smartphone

PwC Retail Study: Customers buying more and more by smartphone

According to the study “Total Retail 2016” by the auditing and consulting company PwC on the topic of smartphone use, the trend towards using smartphones for shopping is continuing. It is expected that 75 percent of customers will already use their mobile phones for making purchases by the year 2020, with phones becoming a perfectly normal method for shopping.

Trend towards shopping by smartphone

The figures in the PwC study prove: the future will be mobile. More and more people will use their smartphone for shopping in the coming years. 1,000 German shoppers were surveyed, the analysis is part of a worldwide survey with more than 23,000 participants in 25 countries. In future, phones will be the most important shopping instrument.

The share of customers in Germany who use their smartphone to make a purchase at least once per month has risen from 11 to 35 percent in the last four years. Over the same period, the share of consumers who have never made a mobile purchase has fallen from 70 to 48 percent. By the year 2020, it is expected that 75 percent of shoppers will use mobile shopping regularly, at least for selected product categories. This trend is driven above all by digital natives, i.e. consumers between the ages of 18 and 34.

Mobile commerce with the Kiosk2Go app

This is the very strategy we are following with our cross-channel concept of the connected store, in order to support retail stores and make them fit for the future. Included in the connected store is the in-store kiosk, with a huge selection of over 2000,000 items, as well as the newly revised online shop with online shop maker, acting as the retailer’s own homepage on the internet. We have now developed the Kiosk2Go app to allow end customers to have the kiosk with them at all times, even on their smartphone for when they are on the move.


Our retailers appreciate that we have made it possible for them to serve their customers over mobile channels as well, with the product portfolio available to them even when they are on the move.

Easy to use

Like with the kiosk and the online shop, installation is very easy: The customer goes into the retailer’s connected store, where the retailer installs the app onto the customer’s smartphone. All customers then have to do is select their trusted store and then they can access the retailer’s whole portfolio with over 200,000 products when out and about, and can browse and buy whatever they like.


Full customization for retailers

One major advantage of the Kiosk2Gp app for retailers is that it can be fully customized. Using the app, retailers can display the whole product range, just the same as with the online shop, as well as introducing their team and incorporating individual offers or current news. This places retailers in the foreground, giving them an app and a platform showing all the goods and services they offer for customers to view even on their mobile device, just like the big players.


The Kiosk2Go app is of course free of charge for all kiosk and online shop owners. Any interested customers can ask their retailer and have the app downloaded from Google Play directly in store. At present, the Kiosk2Go app is available via Android, we are working on a version for iOS.