The new KODAK EKTRA smart phone exclusively from Brodos

The new KODAK EKTRA smart phone exclusively from Brodos

The new KODAK EKTRA smart phone exclusively from Brodos

The new KODAK EKTRA smart phone exclusively from Brodos

With the new KODAK EKTRA smart phone, we now have another coveted top smart phone which we distribute exclusively. This allows our retailers to get a high quality product available in store from an early date. This highlight product focuses on one of the most important features: taking photos, which work out well even under the worst possible conditions. It has special recording features and scores with its stylish retro design as well as many software extras.

Retro Design

With its industrial design, the KODAK EKTRA smart phone calls to mind the iconic styling of the KODAK EKTRA smart phone camera, launched in 1941. It is also worth mentioning the shutter release button with the characteristic two pressure points in the style of traditional cameras. The phone has both a circuit board and a 3,000 mAh battery. The KODAK EKTRA smart phone is based on Android™ Marshmallow and is powered by a Helio-X20-CPU with ten cores, 3 gigabytes RAM and 32 gigabytes internal memory, which can be expanded with a microSD card. Kodak has decided on a USB-C connection port.


Caption: The KODAK EKTRA smart phone is similar in appearance to the old Super 8 cameras.

Image processing software from Snapspeed is also integrated in the KODAK EKTRA smart phone, providing tools for mobile image processing without any additional apps having to be downloaded. It is also incredibly fast and tailored to give optimal image quality and media management. Sharing pictures and videos in real time is easier thanks to integrated social media apps integrated directly into the smart phone’s software. The best pictures can be selected and printed off professionally with the photo print app.

And shoot!

The KODAK EKTRA smart phone has been specially designed for people with a passion for photography and boasts two powerful cameras, an intuitive user experience, an unusual casing and above all the 21 megapixel camera on the back which with its f/2.0 shutter and an optical image stabiliser takes sharp shots even in poor light and darkness. This is possible thanks to the ArcSoft night shot technology.
The front camera offers 13 megapixels, f/2.2 shutter and PDAF (phase detection auto focus). Inspired by the legendary Kodak Super 8 camera, the Ektra also includes a Super 8 app.

Caption: The appropriate camera app is based on the legendary Super 8 camera.

The camera app is controlled using a wheel with haptic feedback for various scenes as is the case with reflex cameras. Adjustments are made in real time using settings such as HDR, landscape, portrait, macro, sport, night, panorama and bokeh. In the smart auto mode the best settings for the picture are chosen automatically. More experienced users can set shutter speed, sensitivity, white balance and exposure time using the manual mode, the results are shown immediately on the display.


Caption: In the manual mode settings such as shutter speed, sensitivity and exposure time can be set manually.

Stylish accessories

In order to protect the KODAK EKTRA smart phone when you’re out and about, Kodak offers matching, stylish accessories. The collection includes high-quality leather cases and pouches.

Caption:  The high-quality leather cases….

Kodak Pouch

Caption:… and pouches match the stylish retro design and protect the KODAK EKTRA smart phone perfectly.

KODAK EKTRA smart phone will be available in stores from 5 December 2016 for 499 euros, but can be pre-ordered by Brodos retailers here. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.