Trends magazine available in new format

Trends magazine available in new format

Trends magazine available in new format

Trends magazine available in new format

The new Trends magazine has been completely revised for retailers to be able to integrate it into sales talks at the PoS, boosting sales as a result.

New trends as a sales tool

The Trends magazine has undergone a complete relaunch in order to give retailers the chance to emphasise the strengths offered by specialist retailers. With the new contents, retailers at the PoS are now able to integrate the magazine into sales talks and refer customers directly to promotions and offers.

Image: The Trends magazine now offers new topics to target customers directly.

The new features include in particular the various categories which we have revised and adjusted to suit the needs and interests of the various customer groups even better. The newly designed magazine now includes the topics lifestyle, high end, landline, business, internet & smart home, outdoor, all rounder, services, accessories guide and a special about manufacturers. In addition, the devices page has been made clearer and pages have been added to the magazine which can then be used to enter offers and prices.

To reach the goal of closing the sale, retailers can now also use the Trends for pencil selling. With pencil selling sales staff and customers “work out” the best possible tariff or the best individual offer together and write everything down step by step in the magazine. The customer can then take the magazine home and look back over it to have an overview of what was discussed.

Image: Tariffs can be understood better using pencil selling.

With the new Trends, retailers have the option of not only positioning themselves as experts in their region, but also integrating the Trends into talks with customers as a tool to boost sales.

The first issue of the new Trends magazine will be available as of 15 May 2017 and then be published at regular intervals every four months. Retailers can already place orders for the magazine now. Further information is of course also available at or from our in-house Brodos advertising agency on 00 49 9133 7770 4344.

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