Websites relaunched: Improved availability of Brodos tools

Websites relaunched: Improved availability of Brodos tools

Websites relaunched: Improved availability of Brodos tools

Websites relaunched: Improved availability of Brodos tools

Cross channel is a very important topic – both today and in the future. In order to give you a better overview of our cross-channel tools, we have relaunched our websites. An overview of all our services across all channels is now available online, allowing customers to find out all about them quite easily.


Brodos group – Cross-Channel Tools

Image:  Our tools can be accessed very easily from our central Brodos group page.
As a successful distributor of mobile communications products, we have developed leading cross-channel technologies on the basis of our practical experience. is used by retailers throughout the world, not only in the mobile communications sector. You can find an overview of the various tools at kiosk with a huge product selection

kiosk Image:  What makes our kiosk special: Anything we don’t have in store is still available.
The kiosk makes the largest possible product portfolio visible in retail stores, closing the gap to the huge selection available online. It combines the advantages of your bricks-and-mortar retail store with the advantages of the internet, allowing you to offer the largest possible product portfolio of over 200,000 products. In addition, it also offers a complete product range of mobile communications and consumer electronics products which can be delivered overnight with the kiosk. More information can of course be found online at

Catalog & Marketplace made visible

Image: Marketplace: The catalog of available products for retailers.
We have made the brodos catalog & Marketplace visible at The catalog includes all product data, showing which products are compatible with each other, alternative products and the prices at which products can be ordered from the stocks of all well-known distributors. Suppliers can have their portfolios listed in the Marketplace, becoming visible at specialist retailers.

Onlineshop with homepage maker

Image:  The online shop can easily be customized, and turns retailers into local heroes.
At customers are taken through the online shop and are shown the benefits of it with demos and examples. The online shop means that maintenance is no longer required on the part of the retailers, with the catalog offering more than 200,000 products at the current time, and growing. It can be adjusted quickly and easily, without having to be programmed. In addition, retailers have the option of customizing their own web presence or of having it customized by us.

Click & Collect in the store of your choice

Image:  StoreShip connects the required product with the local retailer.
With StoreShip, Click & Collect becomes ready to go, as StoreShip is the first multi-channel provider to straightforwardly connect online shopping with the hands-on shopping experience at your local retailer. Shop directly on the manufacturer’s website – where you can find exactly the product you want in the original quality and at the manufacturer’s price. And the best thing is: You can take your time in the store to try on or test the products you have ordered online. You get to actually touch the product before paying. Go to for further information and good reasons for StoreShip.

my-store.TV – as simple as watching TV

Image: my-store.TV is as simple as watching TV!
The digital age entails new challenges for passing on information and placing advertising contents. The correct contents must be displayed at the right place and at the right time. 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the PoS, all partners have to be involved in central campaigns.  With my-store.TV, digital advertising in store is simple and up to date! Go to for more possibilities for displaying animated advertising in your local store.

Content Card – digital products at the PoS

Image:  ContentCard makes it possible for digital products to be sold at the PoS.
ContentCard has one major concern: Offering retail simple and wide-ranging access to the growing market for digital products, giving retail the competitive edge needed to exist alongside the internet. ContentCard technology makes it easy for leading distributors and retailers to sell digital products worldwide. The huge product catalog allows all important available products to be accessed. Read more at

Cross-Channel from the Cloud

Image: Our ERP system from the Cloud can be accessed wherever you are.
Our ERP system offers cross-channel from the Cloud with the central catalog. The complete ERP system with CRM, all cross channel innovations and optional professional PoS system is accessible easily and at all times from the Cloud. In addition, our system is very convenient: It can be accessed wherever and whenever you want, there is no need to purchase a server or make any installations. As a result, cross-channel is possible for all retailers. Click here to find out all about the benefits:

All about the connected store

Image:  The connected store connects online and offline.
A good overview of our cross-channel concept of the connected store can be found at the website website gives you information on the shop concept and the book I have written about it. The book includes a detailed description of our connected store and makes it even clearer and easier to understand for those retailers who are interested in it.