Brodos Ahmedabad

As Brodos India, we are very important part of Brodos AG to whom we offers IT services. Brodos AG is among Top 5 Telecom distributors in Germany consistently. At Brodos India, we drive our passion to work upon Omni-Channel solutions for retail. Since 2011 Brodos India’s Software Engineering team take care of brodos.net software solution. We support operative administration on different processes of Brodos AG Business Operations. These innovative products include Kiosk, Online Shop, Kiosk2Go, Digital Signage, Email Marketing, Backend Cloud ERP which empowers small & medium size retailers to compete with online e-commerce giants.

The following pages give you some idea of our day to day business.

Our teams at work

Software Engineering

By using cutting edge technologies we provide cloud solution that brings suppliers, retailers on same digital platform which helps them to expand their business without any extra inventory cost. We have experts in all areas of Software Engineering to provide high quality Software solutions. Implementing usable, global standards compliant interfaces we help our clients achieve a more powerful, accessible, and maintainable final product.

Software Development

We, the group of skilled scrum engineers have expertise in high-performance technologies and architectures help to build the complex software components. We have highly collaborative and cross-disciplinary teams having passion for new technologies working together in agilent manner to deliver high performance applications on web, mobile and cloud to meet business challenges by following contemporary approach for rapid development of products and systems.

Quality Assurance

We follow mature testing practices for the verification and validation of all the IT products. We apply agile testing practices considering performance indicators/SLAs and are continuously working on improvements in test automation framework to stabilize our software products ensuring reduced cost with accelerated delivery. We have our test automation with some of the finest tools and frameworks to determine the best approach for continuous deployment.


Wir vom Team Marketplace kümmern uns darum, dass unser Marketplace noch größer wird und machen alle Produkte im Kiosk mit besten EK-Preisen und größter Verfügbarkeit im Laden erlebbar. Die Kiosk Oberfläche lässt den Benutzer intuitiv und ohne Anstrengung die Produkte finden, für die er sich interessiert.

Business Operation

Our aim is: To execute smooth business operations to support our business Clients located in Germany. Team in India is delivering various operative requirements received from our distribution business as well as omni-channel solutions. With fun, our day involves different operations in marketplace, catalogues, storeship, cross-channel sales, omni-channel setup, reporting & controlling, product management pricing, logistics, contentcard, IT backoffice, kiosk, onlineship, order process & fulfillment and lot more.

Catalogue Management & Maintenance

We are responsible to manage operative processes of product, offer and price data of all different catalogues accessible on omni-channel solutions.Our catalogues are listed with wide range of products from marketplace, digitial/contentcard products and from distribution business. Services majorly include managing product information including creation & keeping it up-to date, calculating product’s most competitive prices to order via our omni-channel solutions, structuring the catalogue for brodos.net & omni-channel solutions and different set of KPI reports on quality measures.

Our operative team is highly committed to maintain the quality to give a perfect user experience. We believe strongly in continuous improvements & process optimization to achieve our goals efficiently.

Reporting & controlling Operations

We are responsible to execute wide range of reports on daily basis to support different departments to our client Germany for their daily operative business.Our reporting services include majorly on different pricelists, database operations, different exports, reports on sales/stocks/products/logistics and so on.We make sure as reports are delivered on time with highest level of quality measures that helps our operative business to run their business smoothly.

Product Management Hardware

We are responsible to execute best purchase prices and highest rates of commission with all central and regional components.

Different services are in our basket include products price calculation, product stock transfer, reports on incoming goods, claim processes on goods, order processes and so on.Operative team is meticulous in nature to deliver precise and accurate results on different calculations team does.

Application Management

Product Owners and Business Analysts serves in the Application Management team & they work closely with our engineers to guide products or services from inception of concept to go live & then ongoing support. The Application Management acts as a bridge between engineering team and business world team as they drive products or services that helps our customers to grow their business. The team collaborates actively with different teams or departments in India and Germany like Sales, Marketing, and Support etc.

Web Development and Design

Digital interfaces are the modern window of the company. This is why we design and develop user experiences that are interactive and purposeful for customer and Brodos websites. We build websites, develop responsive, clean and compatible code, optimize it for search engines, and maintain it regularly.

System Operations

The System Operations department is responsible for operating the software. This includes, for example, providing and selecting hardware and cloud services, monitoring servers and software and checking safety. In addition, we are very closely involved in the agile development process and provide support both as an advisor, e.g. for security matters or when it comes to selecting the correct database, as well as when it comes to installing server and software components and automating processes.


It is our responsibility to ensure that all employees can work efficiently at all times, with equipment which should be fun to work with. We give a quick, reliable response to any questions or issues brought to our attention. We always communicate in a friendly and straightforward manner. We take the situation faced by our colleagues seriously and find a suitable solution for them.


We from the Marketplace team ensure that our Marketplace continues to grow and ensure that all products in the omni-channel solutions can be experienced in store, offering the best purchase prices and greatest possible degree of availability. We ensure real time processing of product offers automatically with quality checks to not process wrong or inappropriate offers. The omni-channel interface lets users find the products they are interested in intuitively and without any great effort. We deliver different set of analytics to suppliers to challenge their offer data.

StoreShip Operations

We are responsible to execute entire order fulfillment life cycle on orders received via our omni-channel solutions. We make sure as orders are delivered on time to customers/stores as per the order placement with total satisfaction.

Our services majorly include verifying orders & its authorization, quality checks & error handling to process orders, order tracking & notifications, regular reporting & maintaining the KPI on quality measures.

We believe & drive towards challenging our status-quo to optimize our processes & improve continuously.

Cross Channel Operations

Our operative team is responsible to support our omni-channel sales team for their system setup requests & handling.

Operative team makes sure as requests are handled on time efficiently.

We are in close collaboration with sales team to support their sales ideas by delivering system setup requests/targets as per requirements.

Logistics Operations

In the distribution business, operative team is responsible to deliver stock transfer, reserving stock in the warehouse for the order executions.

With all of this, there are lots of upcoming future opportunities which will help to execute different sets of KPIs and enhance Planning, forecasting and all operative processes.

Human Resources

Wir finden schnell und effizient die besten Mitarbeiter und treffen die passende Personalauswahl auf Basis unserer Unternehmenswerte und der persönlichen Kompetenzen des Bewerbers. Unser freundliches Team unterstützt und begleitet neue Mitarbeiter mit viel Hilfsbereitschaft und Verständnis bis zum vollständigen Onboarding. Wir fördern und entwickeln Möglichkeiten zur persönlichen und beruflichen Weiterentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter mit dem Ziel der langfristigen Mitarbeiterbindung.

Company values

Our company values are extremely important for us. These include, for example, that we make it possible for our employees to take on responsibility for themselves, working independently and enjoying a free rein. We are also strong advocats of open and honest communication, a positive team and family spirit, creativity and a laid-back working environment. This is all reflected in our 10 company values.

Office Space


We from Brodos India are always on the lookout for motivated, dynamic specialists, who are ambitious and passionate about working in the IT sector.

We very much appreciate the skills our employees offer and encourage these skills to be developed further, as we believe that our employees are not only our greatest asset but also what gives us the cutting edge over the competition.

Each employee is unique! If you work for us, you can expect to be involved in great projects in the IT branch. Whether agile, digital, testing or analytics, you will be part of a growing and continually changing market.

We are a company which offers you scope for growth and development and where you have the freedom to take decisions yourself and work independently.

The world is becoming more and more global and with us you can experience what it is like to work in a company which is active throughout the world. Careers grow best when companies grow. We from Brodos India are one of the most rapidly growing companies in Ahmedabad.