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Apple Care

Apple Care

Apple Care

Apple Care for Enterprise: Professional service and support for your Apple devices

Apple Care for Enterprise includes flexible service options for businesses which use iPhones, iPads or Macs. Broken devices are replaced or repaired while your employees are supported 24 hours a day in case of any technical questions.

Covering the costs for your Apple devices

High repair costs can arise in the event of damage. We recommend Apple Care for Enterprise so that you are covered in such situations. Brodos will introduce the insurance product to your company, arrange contact with Apple and help with any further questions. 

AppleCare for Enterprise is an insurance service that provides extended warranty and other benefits. This insurance covers all of your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad or Mac, for two, three or four years from the date of purchase.

To ensure that your employees can always use their Apple devices, there is an on-site service that offerssupport at all times. Your own IT department is relieved of the workload, as support is also provided when setting up new Apple devices.

Repair and replacement of iPhones, iPads and Macs

If your employee needs a repair or replacement device unexpectedly, AppleCare hardware protection will cover it. Thanks to the worldwide network of Apple Stores and authorised service providers, repairs can be carried out not only on the next working day, but also at any location.

This means that if your iPhone has a problem with the battery, for example, you can simply contact AppleCare by phone. After entering a PIN code, AppleCare can investigate the problem and confirm a required repair. An appointment will then be made. Besides the convenient on-site service, it is also possible to send the defective device in.

If a replacement device is needed, a service pool can help with that. The defective device will then be replaced with an equivalent device at no additional cost. The size of the pool should be based on your specific requirements.

All devices in your company can be covered by Apple Care for Enterprise. So whether your employees use iPhones, iPads or Macs, they benefit from on-site service, fast repair and 24/7 support over the phone if they have a problem.

Personal employee support at any time

In addition to insurance coverage, AppleCare also guarantees individual support at all times. Worth pointing out are the flexible support plans, with which you receive individual consulting according to your needs. You can choose the appropriate support level depending on whether your employees only have occasional questions or whether regular support is needed. Your employees therefore receive unlimited, technical support by telephone at any time for hardware and software diagnoses as well as for problem solving. AppleCare for Enterprise includes one IT support level case per year for complex problems. You receive direct access to Apple consultants if you need help with complex roll-out and enrolment situations, for example.

Your employees are not the only ones who benefit from this support. Comprehensive support for your IT helpdesk is also included in AppleCare for Enterprise. Unlimited diagnostics and problem solving are available at device level, coverage at company level is also possible. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, Brodos provides a wide range of solutions for companies and supports you with expert consulting.

In a nutshell:

  • Cost coverage of all Apple devices in your company
  • Direct access to support: A team of experts is available 24/7 to answer any of your technical questions
  • Worldwide repair and replacement service on site – within one working day
  • Quick response times: The response time for critical problems is one hour.

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Apple Care

Apple Care for Enterprise includes service-/support options for businesses. 24-hour support available for employees working with Apple devices.

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