Data erasure

Data erasure

Data erasure

Data erasure

Certified data erasure service for smartphones used in your company

The software enables secure data erasure in compliance with the GDPR.

Our certified service: Safe and thorough data erasure

Do you have broken work phones that need to be replaced and want to make sure that no sensitive data remains on the devices? At your request, we can carry out a secure and certified data erasure on Android and IOS devices. No matter whether it is because of employee change, device replacement or return, Brodos will carry out the data erasure for you.

Data erasure is carried out securely and thoroughly on your company's work phones.

Our solution for removing sensitive data

Using special software, your data is erased in compliance with the current data protection guidelines and the device is then reset to factory settings. The software is able to verify and diagnose the device, analyse its status and securely delete its data.

At the end of this optimised process, a test report and an information security certificate are created as proof of successful data erasure. This ensures that all your sensitive data has been removed completely. Important: It is necessary to check whether this is possible for your specific model and software version so that GDPR-compliant data erasure can be carried out.

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