Trade-in service: Reselling and recycling used smartphones

Our trade-in service ensures that your used devices are either purchased by us or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Trade-in: Selling and recycling your smartphones

Everyone knows the famous drawer full of old technical devices that have been forgotten. So why not sell them if they are old but still functional mobile phones? Or if the smartphones in the drawer do not work any more, why not simply have them disposed and recycled by Brodos? Or if you want to upgrade your employees’ old company mobile phones to a new model, and you have a large number of smartphones, why not simply use the Brodos trade-in service?

As part of our trade-in service, we take care of processing, reselling or recycling your used smartphones or tablets. This includes certified data erasure prior to resell or recycling to ensure that all sensitive data on your old devices is deleted.

Make an impact on the environment by using our service

It is necessary that you remove your smartphones and tablets from your central mobile device management (MDM) system before using our trade-in service. Regardless of whether you then choose to sell or have them recycled, we will erase all the data on your old devices in compliance with GDPR standards.

You will receive a certificate to confirm that the data has been erased successfully. Old smartphones or tablets must not be thrown away together with normal household rubbish – so instead simply send them to Brodos. By doing so, you are contributing to a better environment as you save valuable resources and have hazardous waste professionally disposed of.

We will be happy to support you during the process of sending the individual devices to us. Your employees will receive a return label directly from us in order to simplify the process for you. If your smartphones or tablets are still in good condition, we can also make you an attractive offer for resale after evaluating your devices. Your old devices are evaluated based on their current condition and then categorised according to their actual value.

You can use an evaluation form provided by us to carry out an evaluation of your smartphone before sending it to us. This evaluation in advance serves as a guideline to determine whether Brodos can purchase the devices or whether they must be recycled.

Your devices will be evaluated by our expert employees in the case that Brodos decides to purchase them. The criteria that determine the condition of your mobile phones are, for example, visual defects, functionality or if there is a SIM lock.

The individual steps at a glance

  1. You evaluate the used smartphones or tablets yourself using an evaluation form.
  2. You simply send the devices to us and then decide whether to sell them to us or have them recycled. We provide a return label for your employees.
  3. Our experts at Brodos will then evaluate your used devices depending on their condition and create a fair offer for you.
Together we can make an impact on the environment and ensure that your unused smartphones are either recycled properly or reused. Feel free to use our trade-in service for this. The only thing you need to do is to send us your old devices. Brodos will then take care of the rest.

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