Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance

Our gadget insurance for your smartphones

Our smartphone insurance consists of an individualised gadget insurance with extended warranty as well as extended insurance cover for mobile devices. That way, your smartphones are protected against damage or theft.

Our gadget insurance offers extensive protection of your smartphones

Are you searching for a solution on how to prevent unnecessary stress caused by damage or theft of your technical devices? Are you searching for the right type of smartphone insurance that also has extended warranty and extended insurance cover?

In this case, Brodos is the right company for you. With our individual protection letter, we offer the possibility of extending the warranty and purchasing additional mobile protection products when you buy a smartphone or tablet.

The respective devices will be insured by us during the contract period that we both have agreed on. The key benefit: You will not have any additional costs in the event of damage.

This allows for safe planning with fixed calculable costs during your contract period. The smartphone insurance quotation is specifically created for you and will be based on your needs and requirements.  

The scope of insurance cover of our gadget insurance

If a case of damage or repair occurs, it can be easily reported by using a link with a quick data query regarding the IMEI number, your contact details and a description of the damage. The smartphone insurance with its extended insurance cover can be claimed retrospectively within 12 months of the purchase of the device. You can determine the validity of the extended warranty for your work phones. 

Here is what is covered by our gadget insurance :

  • Damage caused by water, humidity or moisture (weather-related)
  • Damage caused by fire, lightning and over- or undervoltage
  • Damage caused by a fall or breakage
  • Damage caused by accidents that resulted in a short-circuit or implosion
  • Power loss of batteries by more than 50%

The premium version of our gadget insurance also includes insurance cover for theft and robbery. Insurance at a later time will unfortunately no longer be possible as mobile protection must be acquired immediately when purchasing the devices. 

Protect your new smartphones even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Avoid unnecessary costs in the event of repairs of your smartphones or tablets thanks to our gadget insurance with extended warranty and mobile protection.

Advantages of insuring your smartphones

  • Individualised gadget insurance with extended warranty as well as extended insurance cover for mobile devices
  • No additional costs or self-participation in case of damage
  • Fixed calculable costs during contract period
  • Standardised and uncomplicated handling of repairs

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