Creating inventories of your new devices: Inventory labels

Register and record your new devices easily with the use of inventory labels. Brodos prints and applies your personalised labels right onto your devices for a complete inventory.

Keep track of your new devices easily thanks to inventory labelling

An inventory poses a yearly challenge for many companies. The whole process can become tedious work, as the actual state must be recorded for all stocks.

This is exactly why it is beneficial to register and record all of your new devices, such as smartphones or tablets, right from the beginning to ensure complete and consistent inventory records.

If you want to simplify the inventory process of your new devices, we are here to help you with our service. This service includes printing and applying inventory labels, also customised ones, onto the specific devices.

Because of this, each single device receives its own, unique “identity”, ensuring easy and complete record-keeping of hard- and software in your company.

Printing and applying your inventory labels

Brodos creates inventory labels that allow you to keep track of your devices easily. We focus on your individual requirements regarding content.

It is therefore up to you whether the IMEI number, the serial number or more detailed information about the model and manufacturer are printed onto the inventory labels. The respective data for each inventory number or device will then be provided as an Excel file. Moreover, we are always happy to help you if technical problems regarding the inventory arise.

Your new devices can be easily added to your inventory and managed using an individual inventory number. Our inventory labelling service. guarantees a clear overview of your inventory right from the start.

The advantages of keeping record of your new devices with the use of an inventory

All in all, our service helps you to keep track of your inventory easily and without any problems, enables a quick set-up of your devices as well as to carry out simple transfers and evaluations thanks to the use of inventory labels. This process ensures full transparency regarding your inventory and also reduces the administrative burden of keeping track of your devices. You save valuable work time and related costs in the long run.

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