Asset management

Asset management

Asset management

Asset management

Asset management as a solution to manage your new devices

Your new work phones can be managed centrally in the asset management system. The system collects all important information and creates transparency for the entire lifecycle management process.

Asset management: A centralised management solution for your work phones

Nowadays, mobile devices are an important part of a company. This means that the requirements for a smartphone roll-out go far beyond consultation and delivery. Nowadays, services for managing devices, such as asset management , are essential to ensure that your devices are ready for use in your day-to-day work. Effective planning requires knowledge of which devices are in use and where further needs exist.

Our goal is to support your company with a complete and standardised solution for efficient device management using asset management. This gives you complete transparency regarding your new devices and the respective user data. Brodos will be happy to provide you with the data, such as the tracking or card number.

Providing the data of your new work phones

To manage your devices efficiently, it needs an easy and complete solution. We work together with experts to achieve this. Brodos asset management software allows for flexible management and accurate reporting and it is also a useful tool when making decisions regarding your devices. The software is installed on your system and the respective devices are registered for each user.

We support you with expert advice tailored to your requirements and preferences. Brodos provides the data for asset management which is then transferred to the system. An IMEI and serial number as well as a corresponding PIN or PUK are saved in the system to identify the respective smartphones. 

Brodos will then provide you with an overview in the form of a spreadsheet, which is continuously managed and updated. We can also take over this task, saving you valuable time and keeping you up-to-date.

The advantages of asset management

If you would like a more detailed view, a large-scale application for your asset management can be provided in addition to the spreadsheet. All important information is collected and can be accessed in real time whenever you want. Possible cost savings are another advantage of this type of device management.

If, for example, the respective contract data per user is saved in the system, the asset management system can be used to generate an exact cost overview per user or per device. It is therefore possible to save money if necessary. The system also informs you about upcoming contract extensions. The contract can then be terminated in time or extended with more favourable conditions, for example.

The key facts at a glance:

  • easy management and status monitoring of your new work phones
  • time and cost savings thanks to efficient asset management
  • automatic changes and quick updates thanks to our support and advice

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