Antivirus installation

Antivirus installation

Antivirus installation

Antivirus installation

Installing antivirus software to protect your new work phones

Smartphones of your employees are especially exposed to cyber attacks. Brodos provides the proper security solution for your new work phones by installing suitable antivirus software.

Reducing risks of cyber attacks by installing antivirus software

Risks of cyber attacks as well as risks arising from the use of the Internet are increasing rapidly due to both growing digitalisation and growing networks. In order to prevent such cyber attacks, it is of utmost importance to have a proper security solution to such exposed systems. This can be implemented by installing antivirus software, for example.

It is quite easy for criminals to access sensitive data from your company simply by hacking into the devices of your employees. To reduce such risks, you need antivirus software for your new work phones.

Our antivirus installation with suitable defensive measures is the ideal all-round choice if you wish for a comprehensive safety solution for your devices. The advantage of using our service: We guarantee comfortable and safe software installation for each single smartphone of your employees.

Brodos antivirus installation service: protecting your work phones

Not only do you save time using our software installation service, but you also receive the most recent and secure antivirus version so that your devices remain virus-free.

We install an antivirus software on your smartphones or tablets prior to their shipment so that potential cyber attacks can be prevented. The application can be specified by you or downloaded from the Google or Apple Store and set up according to your requirements and wishes. Proper functioning of your new work devices is checked after successful software installation

If you wish, the work phones can be charged prior to shipment and sent to your employees in their original packaging afterwards. With our software installation service, we seek to offer you the possible support and security in order to easily avoid potential risks to sensitive data of customers and your company.

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