Phone case installation

Phone case installation

Phone case installation

Phone case installation

Phone case installation to protect your smartphones

Phone cases offer the best protection from breakage for smartphones. Brodos installs such phone cases onto your work phones and tablets.

Phone case installation offers the best protection from breakage

A smartphone or tablet dropping accidentally on the ground can be really annoying. Oftentimes devices suffer from breakage after falling on the ground – which then cannot be used for work anymore. It is even worse if those are brand-new smartphones or tablets of your employees. How can one prevent such problems? By using our phone case installation service. Such phone cases are a great solution to protect your devices from dirt, scratches or severe damage.

Suitable protective phone cases directly installed and shipped by Brodos.

Brodos offers better protection from breakage for your employees’ smartphones and tablets thanks to these protective phone cases. You can find the most suitable design option for your devices thanks to our wide range of high-quality protective phone cases

Pleasant feel and, to some part, an antibacterial feature make Brodos phone cases stand out. This can be of great advantage not only for personnel in hospitals and nursing homes but also for anyone who wants to avoid as many bacteria and pathogens as possible.

Another great feature is the sustainable material our phone cases are made from, e.g., maize, with which you can contribute to sustainability and protect the environment.

The selected protective phone cases are then installed onto the phones at special workplaces following ESD standards without causing any damage to the camera lenses or the devices themselves. Afterwards, the devices are professionally cleaned and sent to your employees in original packaging (if available). If the phone case is too big, it is shipped in its original packaging in a secure, alternative way. This ensures optimal protection of your employees’ smartphones.

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