Customising phone cases

Customising phone cases

Customising phone cases

Customising phone cases

Customised phones cases with your design printed on

As an example, your own logo can be printed onto the phone cases of your employees or customers.

Customised protective phone cases for the smartphones of your employees or customers.

You would like your employees’ smartphones or tablets being protected with customised phone cases? Or would you like to surprise your customers with a nice promotional gift? If your answer is yes, you are at the right company. With our printing service, we can fulfill your wish of having your own designs printed onto your new phone cases.

You can have your protective phone cases customised as our customer. The printed design can be your own logo with its corresponding slogan. You can also decide to use other marketing slogans and messages – there are no limits to it. Such a phone case can be then used for your employees’ work phones or for promotion purposes such as merchandise given to your customers.

Phone cases with your own designs

In order for your design being printed onto the phone cases, we will need a sample file with the desired design. The remaining work will be carried out by Brodos.

To ensure the high-end quality of the prints, a vector file in EPS format should be sent. The phone cases will be mounted onto the printer at the beginning. Following this, a special process ensures the designs being printed with high quality onto the phone cases. Printing can be done on almost any kind of material.

Afterwards the finished phone cases are cleaned thoroughly and being sent out directly to your employees. This results in a huge advantage of yours: You can choose from a wide range of different phone cases provided by Brodos when creating your new phones cases.

At the same time you will create a positive impact on the environment as the phones cases will be printed out directly at our facility and sent out from there. We are also doing without unnecessary packaging material in order to improve sustainability of our products and services.

Our printing machine ensures high-end printing quality of your designs printed on the phone cases, which are then immediately sent out to your employees.

Your advantages of using our printing service:

  • Individual protection for your employees’ work phones and tablets – there are no limits to your designs
  • high-end printing quality and long-term durability
  • Together with Brodos you will create a positive impact on sustainability

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