Smartphone set-up

Smartphone set-up

Smartphone set-up

Smartphone set-up

Smartphone set-up Ready-to-use work phones for your employees

Our application set-up ensures that your employees' new work phones and tablets are immediately ready to use.

Application set-up on your employees’ smartphones or tablets.

Would you like to equip your employees with work phones or tablets but do not fancy setting up each device individually? No problem. The phone set-up provided by Brodos offers you a pre-installation of your desired application on the respective devices. If desired, they can also be personalised and set up using further services provided by Brodos.

It is irrelevant for our set-up service whether it is an in-house application of yours or an application available from the Google Store. The major advantage for you is that your work phones and tablets are ready for immediate use upon delivery. Your employees do not have to worry about the installation or the settings of the application – Brodos takes care of this as part of the phone set-up service.

When setting up your work phones, we ensure that all the necessary applications are installed on them, so that the phones are ready for your employees to use immediately.

Ready-to-use work phones and tablets upon delivery

After installing the application, a quality check is carried out to ensure that your smartphones work smoothly once they have been shipped.

Your devices are also checked for basic functions, such as charging or a properly functioning button. If there are no problems, the device is then cleaned and sent to your employees in its original packaging.

If desired, your employees’ devices can also be charged in advance. As a result, your employees’ new work phones or tablets are ready-to-use right away.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • We install the required applications onto your employees’ work phones and also set those up completely.
  • There is no need for installation or set-up by your employees. We take on the job of setting up the devices.
  • Your employees’ work phones and tablets are ready for immediate use.

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