Software update

Software update

Software update

Software update

The latest software update for your employees’ smartphones

The software update ensures an up-to-date and secure operating system on your smartphones and tablets.

The latest update on all of your devices

To protect your data and the underlying system landscape, Brodos installs the latest version of the operating system (Android or IOS) on each of your new devices via a software update for your company. In doing so, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines strictly.

All known security gaps and weak spots on your smartphones and tablets will be closed through the update carried out by us. Your employees will profit from secure and efficient use of their work phones

How the update works

The devices are put into download mode by powerful hardware at special workplaces. This ensures that each of your devices has the latest update. The required security patch is then loaded and installed via flash software.

The devices are professionally cleaned after being checked for safety and visual defects. Only if they are one hundred percent functional, your newly updated work phones will be sent out to your employees in their original packaging.

Flashing the devices for your company with the latest software is done on a large number of smartphones at the same time.

Regular updates on your devices also possible whilst in use

Regular software updates can be carried out by Brodos if your company needs further services. All your devices are part of a mobile device management system.

We therefore ensure security on your smartphones and tablets by keeping them updated to the latest version regularly.

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