Screen protector installation

Screen protector installation

Screen protector installation

Screen protector installation

Installing screen protectors on your employees’ smartphones

In order to reduce the risk of damage caused by dropped devices (e. g. resulting in cracked screens), we will install screen protectors onto your smartphones or tablets.

Better protection thanks to our screen protector installation

It needs a work phone in good condition for your employees to have a successful day at work. In the blink of an eye, a device can fall down and result in a broken display. By installing protective screens, we will help you reduce the risk so that there is no chance that a display will break.

We ensure better protection and safety of your smartphones and tablets by professionally installing a screen protector in the form of a protective film (Hybrid glass or tempered glass). 

Our service includes a precisely fitting installation of the requested type of protection and a professional cleaning process. Work phones and tablets of your employees are made unusable due to broken screens – this can be prevented by installing screen protectors.

Installing screen protectors onto the work phones of your employees

Workspaces at Brodos follow ESD standards. Due to this, we can ensure that your requested screen protector is installed durably and without any dust particles, fingerprints, and air bubbles.

The protective film is either made from hybrid glass or, for even better protection, tempered glass. Depending on the risk factor and intended use, Brodos can offer you the ideal solution. Everything will be cleaned thoroughly and sent to your employees in original packaging after installation.

Here, the protective films, protecting your employees’ smartphones and tablets, are installed precisely.

Our special cutting machine enabling installation of customised screen protectors

An unique feature of our screen protector installation is flexibility in terms of size and shape of the protective films. By using a laser-cutting machine, we can cut huge sheets of glass and film precisely into any kind of shape and variety according to your requirements and chosen device models.

If you would like to have notches for the home button or for specific camera lenses, for example, we can create those by cutting out material from the screen protector and then installing those accordingly. The screen protectors, no matter if they are made from hybrid or tempered glass, can also be adjusted so that phone or tablet cases do not overlap with the screen protector.

In this case, the laser-cutting machine is once again the perfect solution for precisely cut-out films that can be used for your smartphones or tablets.

Our laser-cutting machine works in a precise manner when cutting the films and, according to the device model, cutting out specific customised shapes and notches. Screen protector installation can therefore be ensured for every specific model.

Screen protectors with anti-reflection coating and privacy feature

If you would like anti-reflection coating or a privacy feature, we can offer you a wide range of suitable protective glasses or films. Brodos is using matte coating with a translucency of 83 % for anti-reflection coating.

The privacy feature, a protective glass with a 60° angle side-view blocker and a translucency of 65 %, prevents spying eyes from seeing content on your phone screen. We purchase ultra-thin and lightweight PET with an extremely hard coating, so that each film protects the display of a phone reliably from scratches and other damage.

In this matter, we can make a positive impact on the environment together by reducing the ecological footprint thanks to large placed orders and therefore using less packing material prior to shipment.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Individual choice of protective screens for your smartphones and tablets
  • Any kind of form and variety possible thanks to our laser-cutting machine
  • Accurate, high-quality installation of screen protectors
  • For long-term use: increased protection, increased safety

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